Wrigley’s Winterfresh Gum 15-Stick Pack (10 Packs) $7.48 (REG $17.99)


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    Wrigley’s Winterfresh Gum 15-Stick Pack (10 Packs) is now available at Amazon.com for just $7.48 (REG $17.99) (As of 22 March 2019, 16:55 PST – Details) with $10.51 (58%) Savings.

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    Size: 10 Pack

    • For icy-cool breath every time you chew, grab Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum.
    • Each single pack contains easy-to-share, individually wrapped sticks of gum.
    • Cool down your taste buds with minty wintergreen flavor.
    • Launched in 1994 with a name and taste all its own, Winterfresh chewing gum created an icy-cool-breath craze.
    • Package includes 10 single packs containing 15 individually wrapped sticks of Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum.

    Wrigley’s Winterfresh Gum 15-Stick Pack (10 Packs)

    Wrigley’s Winterfresh Chewing Gum

    Even if it’s summer or you live far away from mountains, you can still hit the slopes anytime with Winterfresh gum. Get a taste of that cold, alpine freshness anytime with a stick of Wrigley’s Winterfresh chewing gum.



    Road Trip

    Load up the car and hit the road. Even if you’re far from home, you can still freshen your mouth with Winterfresh gum.



    Stay Cool When Things Heat Up

    When you’re getting cozy by the fire, don’t forget the refreshing cool of minty chewing gum.



    Freshen Up After a Meal

    If your mouth is feeling stale after a meal, give it a fresh-breath boost with Winterfresh gum.



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