Wireless SD Card & USB Flash Drive Reader $11.99 (REG $29.99)

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Gigastone Media Streamer Plus: Wireless SD Card & USB Flash Drive Reader; Wireless Mobile Storage Drive & Media Streamer; WLAN Hotspot & NAS File Server; Built-In 5200mAh Battery Pack to Recharge Portable Electronic Devices is now available at Woot.com for just $11.99 (REG $29.99) (As of 22 April 2019, 13:12 PST – Details) with $18.00 (60%) Savings.



The Media Streamer Plus has a micro-USB 2.0 port that is used for charging the device or connecting it to a computer. There are also two USB 2.0 ports. One of these ports can be used to charge external devices that are connected to the Media Streamer Plus, as well as to connect an external USB drive, while the other can only be used to charge external devices. The device also features an SD card slot; when connected to a computer, the Media Streamer Plus can also be used as an SD card reader.


The Media Streamer Plus allows you to wirelessly extend your mobile storage space. Once you have uploaded content from your smartphone or tablet, not only have you freed up space on that device, but you can also wirelessly access the data on the Media Streamer. The built-in 5200mAh battery allows up to 10 hours of playback time, up to 16 hours of WiFi operation, up to 32 hours of WiFi standby time, and up to 6 hours of use for charging external devices.



Upload & Download

Using either an SD card or USB drive, the Media Streamer Plus lets you upload and download content. Using the Media Streamer app, you can upload contacts, images, and videos from your smartphone or tablet and store them on the USB drive or SD card that is plugged into the Media Streamer Plus.

You may also transfer images and videos onto your smartphone or tablet using the Media Streamer app download feature to pull content from your USB drive or SD card plugged into the Media Streamer Plus


Wireless Router/Share the Fun

The Media Streamer Plus lets you share your photos, videos, and music with friends, without needing an Internet connection. It accomplishes this by creating its own wireless network, which nearby wireless devices can connect to. Up to six mobile devices can access the Media Streamer Plus simultaneously, with each device streaming different content. One Media Streamer Plus with content on a USB drive or SD card can stream content to six different mobile devices at the same time


Internet Bridge

If you have an Internet connection and your Media Streamer is wirelessly connected to your network, Internet Bridge lets you access the Internet while still using the playback functions of the Media Streamer device. Watch a movie or listen to music while checking e-mail or surfing the web

16-Hour Battery Life

The 5200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery allows up to 16 hours of use per charge, up to 32 hours of standby, and up to 6 hours of use for charging external devices

Double Bonus! Wi-Fi Router & Power Bank

Gigastone’s Media Streamer Plus also packs another few impressive capabilities that put it head and shoulders above competing products. These include an Ethernet port, which allows you to 1) quickly and easily convert your hardwired modem access point into a wireless home Wi-Fi network, and 2) simultaneously use up to 6 devices to surf the Internet AND access any data on the SD card or HDD that’s connected to the Media Streamer Plus. Last but certainly not least, a huge 5200mAh internal battery pack provides charging juice for your smartphone and other mobile devices on the go.

  • Wirelessly Reads SD Card (Up to 32GB) & USB Flash Drive Content
  • Media Sharing: Wirelessly Streams to 6 Devices Simultaneously
  • Packs a Huge 5200mAh Battery & Serves as Portable Power Bank
  • Storage Extender: Wirelessly Backs Up Mobile Device Content
  • Wi-Fi Router: Features Ethernet Jack to Create Wireless Network
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