Weekly Cinema Movie Club

Weekly Cinema Movie Club
Weekly Cinema Movie Club


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    Does your family enjoy going to the movie theater, but not enjoy the high prices? Well, The Weekly Cinema Movie Club may be the thing for you.

    Subscribe and you’ll receive one Free Movie Ticket and 3 movie tickets every month for only $15.99.  That’s a savings of 60%. Get a friend to join and you’ll both get more free tickets. Considering most movie tickets run in upwards of $7 ea, that’s a great deal!

    Need more than the 4 tickets? You can also sign up for 4 tickets $19.99/mo, 5 tickets for $24.99, or 6 tickets for $29.99.

    You will be given coupon codes each month that can be redeemed at Fandango.com for up to $14 value per ticket towards any movie (including IMAX and 3D movies!). Fandango is accepted at most theaters across the US.

    You can cancel anytime without a cancellation fee. Not sure if Fandango is accepted at your local theater? Go here and see!

    Go here for more information.

    1. Has anyone used this service before? I’m just wondering if there are any downfalls to it. My family and I love going to the movies and these seems to be right up our alley.

    2. All my theaters accept Fandango so I signed up . It was easy. You log into their system and redeem a ticket for a “code”. When you log into fandango your price of ticket goes from $11 or whatever to free when you put in the code. I made one Fandango order for two tickets and saw inception. I just took my printed ticket and I passed the line for the ticket window and they scanned my ticket. Another added bonus!

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