Walmart Layaway Is Now Live for Christmas!!!!!

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Wahoo, you can start your layaway now at Walmart!!

Walmart will be bringing back Layaway for Christmas from October 17 through December 16th.

You will be able to use it on Toys and Electronics with a down payment of 10% of the total purchase price.

There is a service charge of $5. Total purchase must be over $50 and each item must be $15 or more.

So, what do you think about this? Will this help you out?

Thanks, Common Sense with Money

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  1. Tonia says

    In a way I think it’s good but think it’s kinda stupid that an item has to value $15 or more why can’t they just say you have to put more than %50.00 in layaway to qualify.I know I like to make gift baskets for everyone with tons of little things instead of one big gift.

  2. Sabrina says

    It will definitely help me out! I don’t like the each item must be $15 part though, if I’ve got a virtual cart full of stuff with a couple $5 items in it I think as long as the grand total is over $50 they should allow it.

  3. Sandra Cortez says

    That’s great…cause my son wants to get a new laptop for Christmas…need to tell him some good news. In this economy it’s hard to buy anything. And a layaway plan is awesome for most people that have a budget. Thank you Walmart…finally your heart is in the right place.

  4. DeeTrig says

    This could go either way. I don’t like the fact that each Item has to be over $15. I also don’t like the fact that they are now charging you a service fee for using the service. What happened it being FREE like before?!?!

  5. katkoupon says

    Really? I mean I got excited when I saw “Layaway”, but the stipulations seem a bit much. Up to 10% service charge, $50 minimum, $15 min per item? A LOT of families can’t afford $50 for Christmas. Seems like a rip-off to me and a little selfish, imo.

  6. Melissa says

    As a Mom to 6 children, When you see layaway you think great what a good way to save. But when I see you have to spend over $15 on each item I think that is crazy. Sure a service charge is not totally bad. Yet if you don’t have to spend the extra $5 on nothing why do it? It is a whole lot better to buy your christmas items throught the year than spend it all at one time. Walmart should be ashamed of themselves for thinking they can make a ton of money off people who cannot afford it.

  7. Melissa says

    I think its great but each item being 15 or more is stupid. Plus you should be able to use it for everything not just toys and electronics. That part is disappointing. I would buy all my Christmas gifts there if I could put anything on lay a way.

  8. Jen says

    Walmart has gotten so greedy…..every item must me $15 or more? seriously? hell I will just take my business to kmart for that reason alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Shannon says

    Ok, really? I am not giving them my hard earned money for a service charge (service for what? holding onto my crap where it was in the first place). I too am broke and would like to start my Christmas shopping and yes some items at Walmart are very nice deals but I can definitely get better deals here (internet) closer to Christmas, so lets say it would cost $10.00 a week for their layaway…then how about just stuffing it in your sock drawer and take advantage of all the wonderful deals Mojo is gonna find you closer to Christmas. Just a thought 😉

  10. angie says

    It’s great! Kmart charges a fee so I don’t mind paing it here. And the $15 price doesn’t bother me either. It’s always the bigger stuff I put on layaway anyway. It will save me a 30 minute drive to the nearest Kmart and have a better toy selection to choose from!

  11. Cat says

    I don’t think that it is a great layaway at all. To have a $15 minimum on items and then to restrict it to only toys and electronics is sill. I love to buy little things or get things at a great price for the holidays. I feel like they are insuring that they make more money on laways and it is not fair to the average shopper trying to save money. I will continue my layaways at Marshalls. They have a 5 service fee but it is worth it.

  12. JULIE says

    I don’t think that it is a great layaway at all. To have a $15 minimum on items and then to restrict it to only toys and electronics! DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE LAYWAY BUT THIS IS SILLY THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE DOLLER BILL NOT HELPPING THE PEPS.

  13. Virginia says

    Believe or not there are people that put stuff in layaway then cancel – the clothes are always changing at Walmart – so what if someone put in $100 worth of clothes in October and canceled in December – by then a lot might already be marked down! So limiting to toys and electronics makes sense – as for the little stuff – just buy that as you see it. As a mother to 4 and grandma to 4 – sometimes I can come up with $4-5 here and there – but a $20 toy is sometimes outta my budget – so layaway for that is awesome – PLUS – they keep it at the store so you don’t have to hide it til right before Christmas – PLUS – in October Walmart is putting out some hard to get toys so grab them while you can!

  14. Lanie says

    As an employee of Walmart…the service fee is not about making money, it’s the fact that the store has to rent storage containers to store all these layaways. The last time I heard, the containers were around a $120 dollars a day! And we have already gotten around ten. Do the math.

  15. cher says

    They should not have the restrictions of just toys and electronics. Many people buy other things for Christmas. Kmart is a far better layaway I usually buy alot of clothes and other things

  16. Marie says

    love the fact they are bringing it back for christmas, wish they would bring it back year round…dont like the 15.00 or higher

  17. marsha prater says

    I like that they are doing walmart, but hate the restrictions. I have4 boys, yea they like toys but need clothes. I can’t put clothes on layaway?? That stinks. And the items have to be over $15, that sounds like they just want to ensure they are going to profit.

  18. Brooke says

    Stipulations are ridiculous… especially the $15 per item limit. Eh, I don’t try to do much shopping there anyway. There customer service is horrible and I think EVERYONE that works there must hate it because It shows in their attitudes!

  19. Gael says

    Being on fixed income, I think this is great! But having lived in the life of layaway back in the time, I have never heard of any restrictions as Walmart placed on their plan. Also, given all the feedback regarding Kmart, I think I will check them out. I am in the market for a large priced item, a flat panel TV. I don’t mind giving Kmart my business. I hope Walmart is receiving this type of feedback and hopefully they will get the consumer message.

  20. says

    i think it is a great idea because it helpes lotes of people on the holdays but yes the amout is out ragues you are knot going to want to buy one thing when you could buy several with fifty dollares

  21. carol says

    i was just at walmart today conpareing prices to kmart prices to decide were i was going put my layaway in at. i had decided on walmart until i found out about nothing under 15.00 can go in layaway,i had alot of high price toys but the small parts that go with the large items are under 15.00 and my grandchildren want those also i guess i will be going back to kmart as i have in the past even tho some of the prices were better.

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