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Now maybe we’re a little late on this but we like to have our facts straight before reporting. We’ve heard tidbits hear and there that Walmart is doubling coupons (up to $.99 in value) in about 12 test markets.

 This would be awesome if true and if it went nationwide. Have you heard about this? What are your thoughts? Are you in a test market and if so, how do you like it?

This post is older than 9 years. Please, read this page keeping its age in your mind.


  1. This is the first I’ve heard. It would be wonderful. My Walmart is really out of my way, so I only go about once a month. But for doubled coupons I’d make the trip lots more.

  2. I sure hope it’s true. We don’t have any stores that double coupons in the San Antonio area. I was heartbroken when they took Kroger out in the late 90’s.

  3. What I have read is this will test run in Utah. I live in Michigan and there is no such thing like this happening at any of ours. They also do not honor match any b1g1, or 10 for 10 deals. So at this point there is really no use to do much or if any of my shopping there.

    • The Walmart in Battle Creek will honor B1G1 ad matching if the ad has a specified price (i.e. Buy one for $3.99 get one free) and they will also ad match the 10 for 10. However, if the ad is for 10 for 10 get the 11th free, they can’t do the free item. Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. wouldn’t that be sweet!!! I dont really see walmart doing that but it would be great. their poor cashiers are so confused now, they would probably go into total melt down mode!!!

  5. I live in Virginia, and am insanely jealous of my West Virginia neighbors, as the Walmarts there have started doubling! Come on, Walmart, feel the Virginia love and start it here! I won’t shop anywhere else if you do…

  6. I have been reading about it on here. I do not know about my area. I was just there on sat and got my groceries. It would be great. Since hardly anyone in our area doubles ever. Occasionally one store triples but they also reaise the prices really high. So its a no brainer!!! The other store that does double changes their policy every fews days as to what coupons they will take uggg. So I just to to walmart just easier. No problems with the cashiers at ours. I also DO NOT hand them all the coupons I give them one at a time so I can SEE it come off of my total works much beter than sticking a whole bunch in drawer and not actually scanning them happened more than once to me.

  7. They are doing it at Walmart in my town, Huntington, WV. I went the firt day and saved a bunch. They still have not gotten all of the kinks out. They don’t have a way of doubling the coupons yet, so they price overide then take the coupon off. Which took a long time, especially because I had a ton of coupons. Was worth the wait. Have a lot more to use, but I am going to wait a week or so to see if they get everything working, so that it doesn’t take so long.

    • That’s cool that the Walmart in Huntington is doubling. I live in Huntington, WV as well. I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks 🙂

  8. I’ve heard this through the grapevine, but not facts to base it on yet. I haven’t been to my local Walmart yet to ask so I’m won’t believe it until I hear it from Walmart. It would definitely put the strain on other supermarkets who have been getting Walmart customers-like Publix!

  9. I read a blog the other day about someone doing this in West Virginia. At this time, you have to put your coupon with each purchase, as the cashier must manually change the price of each item. It’s taking forever to check out, but I wouldn’t mind if we could double up to 99 cents.

  10. I asked at my local WM in Missouri and they said they don’t for now, I mentioned I had heard it about West Virginia and was told that they tend to be a test market for new processes – so hopefully it will spread after they work out the kinks there.

  11. Yes I heard!!! Test markets are in Utah and WVa for now. Can’t wait till it comes to VA. The report I read said they will still double coupons and pice match – that is great, because our Kroger only doubles up to 50 cents, and Martin’s only doubles the first coupon with like coupons. So now I can price match and double over 50 cents!!! I am sure it will be slow and go, but with a 75 cent coupon, I’ll be able to save 1.50 – with enough coupons this will be well worth my time. It is nice to see someone working with couponers instead of against them.!!!!

    • I believe they will double any coupon that is for 99 cents or below up to 99 cents. So I think the 75 cents coupon would only double up to 99 cents. I could be wrong though.

      • From my experience with all other stores, doubling a coupon up to a certain price just means the price of the coupon, not how much they’ll take off. So I would imagine doubling coupons up to .99 would mean you’d get 1.98 off a .99 off coupon.

  12. I live in Wv and i have 2 walmarts that double within a 25 mile radius!!! I have been once since the double couppons started and it is pretty good except the checking out time…they have to deduct the amount of the coupon off the item first and enter that price then they scan the coupon…i really hope this catches on and they get their system updated to auto deduct the doubles!!! ive got some really good deals!!!!

  13. I have a friend in WV and she got clarification from the company (not just the store) that select stores in WV were doing it, I’m in Philadelphia and it doesn’t look like we get the privilege yet, but my Walmart is so dumbfounded by coupons as it is, I can’t imagine having to do doubles EEEK

  14. My Walmart in Wilton, NY will double coupons up to $0.99 – I did a few yesterday :-). I think it’s because our Price Chopper across the street just starting doubling coupons and Walmart wants to compete. I’ve heard stores that are in doubling areas may do this though it is up to the store manager to make the call. It’s not automatic, you have to ask.

    • What do you mean its not automatic? Do you mean you have to ask the cashier to get your coupons double or are you referring to the store that it isn’t automatic…I am interested..thanks!

  15. The first I heard about it here in SC was from my Walmart cashier. She was the one that told me that they were told in a meeting that they were going to be doubling coupons soon. I can’t wait…woohoo!

  16. Yes it is in testing currently!! I cant wait till it goes national, and trust me if walmart is smart it will go national!!

  17. I live in Charleston WV and my local Walmart doubles up to .99 so a .75 cent off coupon is 1.50, etc. I just came back from a trip today and it takes awhile to checkout but there are a lot of really good deals that I would go elsewhere for but now I can just go to Walmart and get overage with the doubled coupons too. We only really have a Krogers around here that doubles up to 50 cents so I disregarded any of the coupons that were .75 cents or .80 before because they weren’t quite good enough to use. Now they’re awesome!!

  18. I love this and hope it does become company policy. My WalMart is great about ad matching for BOGO and 10 for $10, don’t even have to buy 10 items to get the price. This will save me more money and gas.

  19. Walmart currently doubles coupons in just one county in Utah. There are many other stores that double there so they do it to be competitive. Although it doesn’t currently do it at any of the stores in the Salt Lake City area. I haven’t heard anything about them expanding the practice to other stores, but it would certainly be awesome if they did!


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