Walgreens Balance Rewards Q&As

Walgreens Balance Rewards Q&As
Walgreens Balance Rewards Q&As


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    Walgreens Balance Rewards Q&As

    Here are a few of the most common Q&As about the new Walgreens Balance Rewards.

    1) Is there a limit to the amount of products you can buy that qualify for Balance Rewards?

    No. You can buy multiple and earn multiple rewards. For instance, if you buy 3 Widgets and it qualifies for 1,000 points, you will earn 3000 points.

    2) Will you lose the Balance Reward if you use coupons?

    No. If you have to purchase $10 of participating products to get 2000 points and you have coupons that take you down to $7, you will still earn the 2000 points.

    3) Balance Rewards show up right away and you can view them online.

    4) Can you redeem your Balance Rewards on products to earn more Balance Rewards?

    It appears that you cannot. It appears that you will forfeit the new Balance Rewards if you use the Balance Rewards to pay for it. You can however use it to get Register Rewards.

    Also, when you redeem your Balance Rewards, you have to use the entire amount or you will lose it. For instance, if you use a $5 Balance Rewards to get a $1 candy bar, you will lose the other $4.

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