Victoria’s Secret Reward Card – Free $10, $50, $100 or $500

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**Will go live every day at 12 PM EST!  We won as have many of our readers in the past. One of our readers won $500 the last time!!

FREE Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card worth $10, $50, $100 or $500 this will start April 1st- April 15th at 12 Noon EST each day!  A total of 20,000 Reward Cards and Offers will be awarded. You can use it in-store or online!

If you win, you will receive an email indicating that you have received either a Card or a $10 off $50 Offer. Each Card could have a value of $50, $100, or $500. The value of a Card will be revealed at checkout.

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  1. Susan T. says

    Got all the way to the end and hit “send” and after a minute or so the statement “Offer is freshening up”…very frustrating!

    • Amanda says

      I put in everything too….. phone number, email, address, age etc… and the same thing happened to me :( I was excited there for a second

    • guest24 says

      Very Frustrating indeed. “Get Your Card” came up. Then it SAT for 10 minutes. Wouldn’t click , move, nothing. Just FROZEN…. Then it was over. What a “teaser”.

    • guest24 says

      Mary, It says ONE per person. If you enter again, it gives you a reward card print-out, but, with the same code as the first one you get. If you try to turn in 2 reward sheets, one will say….zero balance….I think it is by your e-mail address, but I am not sure.

      • mrs b says

        There’s a message now that says one per person. If you got more than one, you might want to check to see if the numbers are the same.

      • guest24 says

        Roxy, are you sure you can get a NEW reward card every day? Doesn’t the second reward card you get have the same number as the first? It says only ONE, so, I think that is how they control how many one gets, by the number on the reward and the code. But I am not sure. Let me know if you are getting NEW numbers on the cards you are getting after the first one. Thanks.

        • mrs b says

          I thought I won twice, but double checked the numbers and they were identical–when you try to use it, it states balance is zero. BUT if you shopped online and were mailed one (or more) before 11/30, you are eligible to get ONE on facebook as well.

  2. Shandi says

    On Friday I also got all the way to the end and hit “send” and after a minute or so the statement “Offer is freshening up” popped up Tried it again, the same thing happened and when I tried it that day a third time it said they were out for the day. It was very frustrating!… but today I got one on the first try! Im very excited and cant wait to see how much it’s worth!

  3. Pat F says

    Had to try about 4 times, finally got one, worth $10, but had one mailed to my home…used that yesterday in store, never thought would be worth more than $10, but was $50!!! This one will be another lotion or potion :)

  4. Melanie Landry says

    Does everyone’s have a little blue “?” in the middle of the box?? Or did mine just print funny? It doesn’t have a UPC or thing to scan…

  5. Vickie says

    Thanks so much – I got one on the first try and guess what it was worth $50.00 – I was shocked. I was able to order a pair of pajamas for $39.99 (regular price $49.99)and get a free pair of matching slippers worth $25.00 using codes lovesleep and sleep11. My total was $49.63 including shipping and tax. Thanks again.

  6. says

    I got $10. I got a pair of clearance panties for 68 cents with shipping after the code! Their shipping is a little high for one item but I can’t complain about underwear shipping for under $1!


  7. Jenny D. says

    When I try to click on the “Get your card” nothing happens. Anyone else have that happen? I don’t see any comments on their wall about others having trouble.

  8. Sarah says

    Got mine this time! I actually set my phone alarm to beep with 5 minutes to go, sat at the computer with 1 minute to go, and kept refreshing the screen. It gave an error message at first, but when I went back to “get my card” a screen popped up with my card info and “print my reward” as an option. I got 2 cards at the store, so now with this I’ll bring them in and find out if I have 3 10’s or something better!

  9. Kim says

    My daughter got one on Monday, went to the store and it was worth $500. She and the cashier about passed out! She was so excited!

  10. Renee Yonkin says

    Horrible site, it kept giving me a server error. I was on there right at 9, it first said they were freshening up than there was a server error, than they were gone. Frustrating!!!

  11. Heather S. says

    My two daughters and I were at a cheerleading competition over the weekend and happened to walk into VS with our cards. The clerk scanned our cards and one of the cards had $500 on it!! Needless to say, that made our day and the girls had a blast shopping.

  12. says

    I ended up buying a pair of panties on clearance that was 68 cents after my $10 reward card. Well my panties came in the mail today ALONG WITH ANOTHER REWARD CARD worth $50!!!! YES!!

  13. Penny T. says

    Wow, congratulations to all of the big winners! Mine was for $10 but I was very happy with the deals posted here that helped me maximize that $10. Love mojosavings!!!

  14. Candese says

    I can never, ever get the page to work. I try to click on it and it does just nothing. That’s been for days now. Next thing I know it says there all gone.

  15. Isabella says

    Congrats to those that did get something.
    For days I tried and got nothing but error messages or it would say get card but it wouldn’t let me click on it. So frustrating. If their is anyone that has one that their not going to use and would like to give it away I’d appreciate it. Thanks Mojo for the chance to try and win. You rock Mojo!

  16. Christine says

    I won one this morning, but I’ll have to find out later how much it is worth. even if it is $10, it’s better than nothing =)

  17. Cristi says

    any pointers for the best way to maximize my $10 reward card? the codes I saw for the perfume when buying sleepwear (cami) have expired. Any help is appreciated!

  18. says

    Got a $50 gift card and it was easy. Wife got herself something nice for $1.98 after discount, and that included tax and shipping!

  19. Brittany t says

    Is there other way to find or the price of the card other than going to a store? The closes one to me is a 45 min drive.

    • amy says

      Just put something in your cart online and checkout, enter the code and you will see how much it is worth without having to go to the store

  20. Kerrie says

    I was wondering the same thing about finding out how much the card is worth. I know you enter the card when checking out online or checking out in the store but I didn’t want to only purchase $10 worth of items and my card end up being worth more than that. Can anyone tell us how it works? Thanks!

    • rl says

      usually i think you can call toll free number to find out… or you can use it next time as well the remaining balance like a gift card until value is zero…no cash back

  21. rl says

    once i log in, there is no drop down for age or state so when i submit it, of course i get error message everytime, then when refresh page… sorry all gone for today… horrible crashing promotion!

  22. fali says

    Finally, got one this noon after trying for it everyday and it says $10 off $50 purchase.. This is not a free gift card…that’s bull shit. I am very much disappointed.. I see ppl getting 2 or 3 cards and no luck for me..

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