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Trouble Game is now available at for just $6.51 (REG $12.99) (As of 18 May 2019, 16:26 PST – Details) with $6.48 (50%) Savings.

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  • Appropriate for children ages 5 and up.
  • Trouble game is peg-popping fun.
  • Pop-O-Matic die roller rolls the die.
  • Move your pegs around the board.
  • Send other players’ pegs home when you land on the same space.
  • Double Trouble and Warp spaces change up the game.

Trouble Game

The only rules you really have to follow? Laugh, have fun, and enjoy spending some quality time together.

Pop into the racing, chasing game where everyone’s in Trouble! Set up your pegs and then hit the Pop-O-Matic die roller. Depending on what you roll, you can move your pegs to the Start space, move your pegs forward – or watch other players move while you can’t! Each of your pegs has to go all the way around the board to the Finish space, but watch out – if another player’s peg lands on the same space as yours, your peg has to start over. The player who gets all 4 pegs into the Finish space wins! Pop all around the board for the win when you play Trouble! Trouble, Pop-O-Matic and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Making PLAY Accessible

Level 1 Basic Play

Introduce the toy and teach how to use it.

Level 2 Expanding Play

Build experience with alternative ways to play.

Level 3 Social Play

Encourage turn-taking and playing together.

Hasbro’s Fundamental Mission

Hasbro’s fundamental mission is to bring joy and play to children and their families around the world. But for some children, play can be challenging. For children with a developmental disability, play isn’t always accessible out of the box, relegating countless toys to the back of the closet or the donation bin. But more importantly, the joy and benefits that play can bring, and the connection between peers, siblings and other generations, may be lost.

A passionate group of Hasbro employees from across the company, believing we could do more, came together to team up with The Autism Project—a long-term philanthropic partner of the Hasbro Children’s Fund—to figure out a way to help. The team learned that teachers and occupational therapists often create their own supportive play tools out of Hasbro toys, which can help provide critical structure for the way that children manipulate concepts to understand play.

Hasbro ToyBox Tools was created to provide that structure through a series of tools, rooted in evidence-based and emerging best practices. The instructional videos, printable materials, and playmats are designed to help families, caregivers, and teachers unlock the power of play and to make playtime more fun and enjoyable at a child’s own pace. ToyBox Tools recognizes that parents and caregivers know their children best and encourages them to use their judgment in selecting the product and level appropriate for their child.

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