Top Tips to Help You Save While You Are Completing Your Nursing Degree


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Nursing is not just a rewarding and fulfilling career where every day of your life consists of helping people and making a real difference in the world. It is also a very easy career to get into and extremely in-demand. There is a massive nursing shortage today, with an estimated 800,000 unfilled nursing positions around the country, and a further 1 million registered nurses (RNs) expected to retire by 2030.

The advancement of telemedicine, 5G, and blockchain also mean that the options for healthcare professionals is set to expand. To man these remote health services, healthcare professionals will need to take the helm, meaning nurses are in the prime position to take over these new roles.
With so much potential in the nursing career and advanced roles paying well over $100,000 per year for Advanced Practitioner Registered Nurses (APRN), it is a great, worthwhile career to invest your time and energy in.

If helping people has always been a passion, medicine and science excite you, and you want your life to mean something by directly improving others’ lives, nursing is the best career in the world. Nurses may not treat patients or be in charge of surgeries, but they are the primary point of contact for healing. They are the most important component to the healthcare industry, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to become one.
There are many prerequisites to become a nurse, even an RN of which is the most commonly thought of position. Funding can be just one of the barriers, which is why all nurses-to-be should follow this guide to save while you are completing your degree.

Work and Study to Earn and Save

Many nursing degrees are offered online and at your own pace. This means that you can continue to work while spreading out courses so that you can gain credits, spread out the cost, and continue to earn while you work. This is the best and most accessible way to advance your career in nursing.

Cut Off Time and Accelerate Your Degree

If you already have a Bachelor’s, then there is no reason to complete a full BSN from start to finish. You will already have a lot of transferable credits under your belt, meaning that you can speed through your BSN and work to become a registered nurse right from the start.

An online ABSN that allows you to use existing credits towards your degree will mean cutting down on the number of courses you need to take and the overall cost of your degree. It is the best way to take advantage of that old degree that you may or may not have found particularly useful to your career and save money while achieving your BSN program.

Take Advantage of Any Financing Help

All schools have financial help aids. This could be a way to help reduce the upfront cost, grants, scholarships, or even an alternative funding option. Regardless of what your position is going into your BSN, always ask. It never hurts to see if there is any funding help or opportunities you can take advantage of. If it can help you better manage your funds and achieve your BSN, go for it!

Save on Study Materials

The price of new textbooks has long been a scandal. Always see if there is a digital version, or ask your course leaders for any advice or help. Most educators do not agree with the high cost of textbooks or the practice of making minor updates to textbooks to force students to pay the full price. They may have advice or resources to help you reduce or eliminate the cost of these study materials.

Save Costs at Home

It is always a good idea to work towards a more streamlined and affordable home. Extreme measures could be to move to a more affordable location or to even move back in with your parents or with new roommates.

In less extreme situations you can easily save at home with a variety of nifty tricks:

Buy Frozen, or Prepare Food

Food is a big cost in many households, and in most cases, it is because we waste it. A good way to stop wasting food and to better improve your food budget is to buy frozen. Frozen food is actually often better than fresh food simply because it was picked and frozen on-site, instead of spending long miles being transported to your grocer and then your home.

Alternatively, you can prepare food to be frozen yourself. Instead of buying sliced chicken, buy a whole chicken, and subdivide it yourself. Freeze what you don’t use. Simply being more conscientious about your food and food waste can help you really make your food budget stretch much further, freeing up your budget for elsewhere.

Your Monthly Costs

Another way to save while working and studying is to figure out what your monthly costs are. Remove all unnecessary ongoing costs so that you can free up your budget, especially if your student loan repayments or course payments are really making you struggle with your payments.

Try to Pay as Much Upfront as Possible

All these tips are essential because you don’t want to get trapped in high student loans, especially if you are already paying off your last Bachelor’s student loans. Try to save up and pay off as much of the course costs as you can upfront to reduce what you take out in a loan. This is the best way to start your new career as an RN with a fresh slate. Nurses can make a really healthy wage, but only later on in their careers. By being very careful with your budget and doing all that you can to save and cut down on your student loan payments, you can set yourself up for a better future.

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