Top 5 Ways To Workout For FREE!

Top 5 Ways To Workout For FREE!
Top 5 Ways To Workout For FREE!


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    Trying to get motivated to workout???

    • Working out can be a daunting and scary task! If you made a New Year’s Resolution to be more fit this year, then don’t give up. You can do it! For many of us (myself included), we don’t want to pay for a gym membership. Maybe the gym isn’t your thing or it’s always crowded or you simply want to save money. No matter the case, there are plenty of ways to get in shape for FREE! Plus, just imagine what you could do with all that money you “would” be spending at a gym… Below we made a list of our 5 favorite ways to workout for FREE to help you stick with your New Year’s Resolutions.

    Stream FREE fitness videos on Amazon!

    Find FREE workout channels on Youtube!

    • There are Youtube channels for anything and everything you want to workout. Whether you are looking for fat burners, strength-training workouts, dance routines, yoga moves, or even step aerobics there is a FREE channel out there for you! Watch these videos anywhere and all without the need for a membership or paid account. Find inspiration from these popular Youtube channels all while getting fit!
    • Blogilates – All you need is a mat for these Pilates-inspired workouts
    • FitnessBlender – Use just your body weight or adjustable dumbells in these strength workouts
    • BeFiT – Have some fun with dance routines, beginner’s yoga, extreme workouts, and more!
    • BodyRock – Push yourself with high-intensity interval training. Check out the 30-day challenge with a video for each day of the week (most videos are over 45 minutes long!)
    • Jessica Smith TV – Grow stronger with cardio and strength workouts both with and without weights along with some power walking in place
    • Yoga Journal – Find yoga routines and sequences from energizing to relaxing in both seated and standing positions or focus on specific body parts

    Grab this FREE deal on Groupon!

    • Groupon is offering up a FREE 60-Day Premium Membership to Daily Burn ($39.00 value)! Daily Burn is a really cool app that allows you to stream unlimited workouts to any device so you can workout anywhere. Choose from 800+ classes including yoga, strength training, cardio or barre (new workouts added daily). After snagging this deal, you will need to visit the Daily Burn website to claim your free trial and you will be required to enter your credit card even though the first 60 days are free. Your subscription will be automatically renewed 60 days from activation and your credit card will be charged once your free trial ends.

    ***There is NO obligation and you can cancel at ANY time!

    Download FREE fitness apps!

    • Another great way to stay fit is by using your mobile device. There are TONS of Free Fitness App available on iTunes and Google Play that you can download to achieve your goals. Get out and get moving anytime and any place with these fun and helpful apps. I love having my workouts on my phone because it makes it harder for me to use the excuse that “I don’t know” what workouts to do. It can also help hold you accountable as many apps offer the option to send you push notifications to remind you to workout!
    • J&J Official 7 Minute Workout (iOS or Google Play) – These short, simple, science-based workouts will help you achieve more in less time. With a workout library of over 70 exercises and more than 20 preset workouts, you can customize the workouts to reach your goals. Create custom workouts, control your own music, enjoy audio prompts, and even get reminders sent to your phone to help you remember to workout. With just 7 minutes a day, you can reach your fitness goals.
    • Daily Workouts Lite (iOS or Google Play) – These 5-30 minute daily workouts will help you target all the major muscle groups. Specially designed to take you step-by-step through workouts in the comfort of your own home. Use the on-screen instructions and timer to stay on track for a complete workout. No internet required to complete workouts.
    • Down Dog (iOS or Google Play) – Enjoy a studio-like yoga experience without ever having to step foot outside your home. This highly-rated app creates a brand new vinyasa yoga sequence every time you practice so that you never run out of content. How cool is that!

    Use what you have at home… even the kids!

    • You don’t need to go to a gym to get a heart-pumping workout! Simply use common items laying around your house for some great workouts. Turn ordinary household items into tools to help you achieve your fitness goals. One of my favorite things to use at home when working out is my kids! And they love helping me get back in shape. From being encouragers to being extra weights, it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved. Plus, it’s FREE 😉 Below we listed a few ordinary items and some fun ways to use them for working out…
    • Babies/Toddlers – Kids LOVE being part of your exercises and they even make for great “weights” too
    • Broom – Strengthen your legs by laying a broom on the ground and jumping over it from side to side
    • Canned Goods – Grab those soup cans and work those arm muscles with curls, shoulder presses, side lateral raises
    • Chair – Shape your arms by doing some dips and watch that arm flab melt away
    • Hula Hoop – Take your workout to the next level by jumping in and out of a hula hoop while going around the circle. This will engage your entire core!
    • Jump Ropes – You’d be surprised how good a workout jumping rope can be and it’s a great way to get your heart rate up into the fat-burning zone
    • Kitchen Counter – Work your arms, chest, and back by doing various forms of pushups on the edge of the counter.
    • Stairs – Work your cardio by running up and down them or do calf raises on the edge to strengthen your legs
    • Wall – Timed wall sits are brutal, but you’ll love the way your thighs look after a month!

    Now you’re ready!!!

    • It’s time to get out there and make your goals a reality! Don’t let another year slip away without achieving the things you want in life. Working out and being healthy is not an easy task, but it is worth all the effort. Just think of all the positive impacts working out will have on your health, not to mention having more energy. We gave you 5 FREE ways to workout, but there are hundreds more out there! Share some of your favorite ways to workout for FREE, because we’d love to hear from you all! Keep up the great work and just remember… YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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