Top 5 Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Top 5 Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Teenage Girls

Are you spoiled for choices over how to decorate your girl’s bedroom? I can feel your pain. The bedroom is usually a very special place for every girl. It’s the place she’ll be using the most while growing up. And girls have very specific preferences.

Some prefer a princess style setting, some love a pinkish background with lots of cute things, while others like a clay look more. So, here are five makeover ideas that will surely help you in making your princess happy with a lovely bedroom.

  • Pink themed bedroom

Everyone will agree with me that pink is the favourite colour of most girls. This decor theme will be a good choice for people who love pink or want a light-themed bedroom. You can paint the walls with baby pink or one of the other lighter shades of pink. Pink is a light colour, gives a calm and serene effect. It also helps in building concentration. You can add designs like floral patterns and stars on the wall.

After that, a good choice will be to set a neat bed, probably one with a headboard. It’s recommended to have the colour of the bed as white or a tint of pink. It will be great to have intricate designs done on the headboard. Designs should be chosen on the basis of preference as this choice varies from person to person.

Add pink bed sheets and fill the bed with lots of pillows and cushions. Adding stuff toys is another good idea, but it too depends on preference. Personally, I feel that very few girls will reject a cute cat out or a puppy. A stylish wardrobe and a dressing table will also be great additions.

  • Background collage

Making a collage has always been a good idea. Collages look pretty, carry around a sense of nostalgia, and give an artistic touch to the room. You can have a collage of photos with family and friends that you hold dear to your heart, or it may be a collage of your favourite moments with your pets or a collage of posters is your favourite movies.

Canvaspop Collage Maker

CanvasPop provides a great platform for making custom collages. Check out their collage maker for making amazing collages. Place the collages on the same side as your bed’s head. You can use wallpapers to create a suitable background for placing your collage.

  • Tall Bed with Sofa

Children usually have a fantasy about high beds. You might remember fighting with your siblings over the topmost berth in a train when you were young. Here’s a great idea for girls who have similar interests. For this one, we will be going with a black and white theme. A high sleeper bed looks cool, and below it, you can add a grey sofa and a white study table.

The bed will be accessible through a ladder. The wall could be painted in a bluish or greyish tint. A mirror can be set up on one side of the bed. Instead of a single high bed, a double-decker bed could be set up if two people were going to use the room. Wallpapers can be used to create a classy background.

  • Graffiti

Graffiti is another great medium of artistic expression. Graffiti can be used to create interesting backgrounds. Graffiti can be used to convey a message or tell a story. However, this style isn’t for all and depends on preference.

You can have the graffiti tell an interesting story or have cool designs or have a motivational quote painted on the wall, or you can have your own name written in style. Similar to collages, graffiti would look good on the wall behind your bed. You can also have it made on the opposite side such that it’s the first thing you see when you get up. Also, graffiti’s need apt backgrounds. It will be worthwhile to repaint the wall at the same time.

  • Walk-In Closet

Let’s be frank. A walk-in closet is almost every girl’s fantasy. It’s not unknown that girls love to dress up and beautify themselves. Wardrobes are okay, but walk-in closets have their own place in a girl’s heart. A walk-in closet not only allows the storage of all clothes and accessories in a fashionable manner, but it is also something that gives girls something to brag about and show off to their friends.

A good addition to a walk-in closet will be to add a mirror and have provisions for applying quick make-up on the go. While building a walk-in closet, few things should be kept in mind. Everyday items should be kept within reach, and similar items should be grouped together. The best thing about walk-in closets is their streamlined looks and their versatility.

These are the best makeover ideas that you can implement. There are a few others that did not make it into my top list, but it might be worthwhile to look into them. Installation of a bedroom swing creates a playful atmosphere in the bedroom.

A swing can be used for relaxing and reading a book. A nice study table should also be a good addition and can provide motivation for studying. Some girls find neon stickers on the ceiling quite amusing. And lastly, for bookworms, the room will be empty without a nice bookshelf. That sums up all the ideas in my head. I hope that you have benefitted from this.

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