Thrift Store Trip: 32 Garments for $57!!

Thrift Store Trip: 32 Garments for $57!!
Thrift Store Trip: 32 Garments for $57!!


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    Such handsome models!! (Tim, Zack, Matthew & Brad)


    I took a trip to one of my favorite Thrift Stores yesterday with my Mom & Dad. This is kind of a tradition for us as we have been shopping at this particular store for over 15 years! This store is run by the Vietnam Vets of America and the extra added bonus is that my Dad gets 50% off of all the clothes since he is a Vet! (now you see why I go with Mom & Dad…lol) 

    When I choose a Thrift Store to shop at, it has to meet some criteria. First of all, I like for my money to go to a good cause, ie. missionaries or veterans. Second of all, the shop itself, must be in a good part of town. Why? you ask. Well, I have found that you will find much higher quality clothes at these stores. The 2 shops that I frequent are in high income areas where the residents are more likely to give clothes away before they are out of style and are still in good shape. 

    The 2 thrift stores that I shop at have the clothes broken down by sizes and types of clothes. This is important to me as I have been to a few that don’t and it really takes a lot more time. When you look at an article of clothing, inspect it well. I cannot emphasize this enough. Look for any kind of stains, rips, holes and make sure all zippers work. You are looking for a bargain, not a project. 

    I generally do not take my boys with me when I shop. In our house, if something doesn’t fit one person, there is always another who it will fit into it!

    Here’s a list of what we bought:

    ♥ Matthew – 9 yrs old
    1 Belt
    1 Pro Spirit Baseball Shirt
    1 Tampa Bay Rays shirt
    1 pair of Mac Henry warm-up pants

    ♥ Brad – 10 yrs old
    1  pair of Athletic Shorts
    1 pair of PFX warm-up pants
    1 pair of Wrangler Shorts
    1 pair of Old Navy shorts 
    1 pair of Extreme Limit shorts
    1 IZOD Long Sleeve T-shirt
    1 JNCO Jeans Long Sleeve T-shirt
    1 pair of OTB Cargo Pants 

    ♥ Tim – 11 yrs old
    1 Gravel Gear T-shirt
    1 Michael Austen Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    1 Pro Spirit Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    1 pair of Faded Glory Long Cargo Pants
    1 pair of Old Navy Jeans
    1 pair of Millenium Jeans
    1 pair of Under Armor warm-up pants

    ♥ Zack – 14 yrs old
    2 Quiksilver T-shirts
    1 pair of SouthPole Shorts
    1 Nike Long Sleeve T-shirt
    1 Addidas Long Sleeve T-shirt

    ♥ Michael
    1 Long Sleeve Tommy Hilfiger Shirt
    1 pair of GapKhakis Cargo Shorts

    ♥ Me
    1 Jones New York black & gold blouse
    1 pair of City Tech Warm-up pants
    1 Old Navy Perfect Fit T-shirt
    1 Appleseeds Polo Shirt
    1 Long Sleeve Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s shirt
    1 pair of EasySpirit black flats

    We brought home a total of 32 items! We hit the jackpot! (Remember, it can be hit and miss at thrift stores as sometimes they won’t have anything you are looking for.)

    Our total came to $57! That comes out to around $1.78 per garment! That was an amazing trip! 

    1. What great deals! I have shopped at more thrift stores this past year. You can find amazing bargains! Yes, takes time and patience, but well worth it! Now is a good time to look for gift items too. Many people bring in items they got as gifts, but can’t use. Another form of regifting!

    2. Is this thrift store in the Tampa Bay area? If so, where is this store located?

    3. Really wish we had something like this around here. In my small town, you have to go to the nearest city (and it’s not pretty) for a thrift store. I’ve been in there dozens of times and wouldn’t give you a nickel for anything I’ve seen in there. However, there are a few consignment shops around and have been a bit luckier in those, but they’re not as cheap as a thrift store and it’s much more miss than hit.

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