Things You Need to Know About Shilajit Before Using it as Medication

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    Things You Need to Know About Shilajit

    As people are increasingly inclining towards natural remedies, Ayurveda is growing more and more popular worldwide, leading to the widespread use of Ayurvedic medicines and dietary solutions known as superfoods.

    Among these popularized restoratives, shilajit is one that is pretty prominently consumed and widely known for its magical health benefits. But, natural or chemical, before using anything as a medicine, you must have the information about it.

    What is Shilajit Used for?

    Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, is a nutrient and mineral-rich biomass that has been used in Indian Ayurveda for centuries and is primarily found in the rocks of the Himalayas.

    However, the natural formation of shilajit occurs in high mountain ranges through a long process of breaking down plants and minerals.

    The word “Shilajit” in Sanskrit means “one who conquers the mountains and destroys weaknesses.” In mystical and traditional beliefs, it is thought to be a miraculous gift of God and has been celebrated for its rejuvenating effects to cure stress and healing internal damages.

    Keeping its goodness in mind, in today’s world, shilajit is commercially offered in different forms, which are also available online.

    Types of Shilajit

    Shilajit can differ depending on a few factors that influence its composition:

    1. The kind of plants they contain make them different from each other. Plants that are rich in minerals and contain metals like silver, zinc, copper, and iron produce high-quality shilajit.
    2. Graphical origin of the rock
    3. Quality of the soil
    4. The temperature of the location
    5. Humidity
    6. Altitude

    Benefits of Shilajit

    Works on Reproductive Health in Men

    Shilajit has been traditionally used to cure infertility in men for its effect on increasing testosterone and fertility. It is also known to increase dehydroepiandrosterone and may also be helpful to increase sperm production.

    Fights Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    With this clinical syndrome, the patient loses his normal ability to function and suffers from extreme tiredness, pain, poor cognition, and sleeping disorder.

    Because of shilajit’s prominent recognition as a powerful stress reliever and energy booster, it is also thought to be effective against chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Improves Gut Health

    Shilajit is an antioxidant-rich fulvic acid that decreases the risk of ulcers. Besides, its benzoic acid is thought to have antibacterial properties, which may work against bacteria in the stomach and gut, resulting in curing gut infections and supporting overall gut health.

    Protects The Heart

    Shilajit is full of nutrients that significantly improves heart health. It also possibly increases the level of glutathione, which protects important cellular components from damages caused by reactive oxygen species like peroxides, free radicals, and heavy metals.

    Also, its humic acid boosts the good cholesterol levels and may contribute to reducing the risk of stroke and heart diseases by helping to lower blood fat.
    Enhance Memory

    Shilajit is renowned for its property to increase memory and learning ability in students. However, here the purity of shilajit is extremely important, as this nootropic potential is found in high-quality shilajit only, whereas low-quality shilajit causes dangerous side effects.

    Effects on High Altitude

    Shilajit, both traditionally and locally, is used for boosting energy and dealing with high-altitude related problems, like mountain sickness, and are very familiar among mountaineers.

    This biomass rich in high levels of humic acid and iron helps capture oxygen more easily and efficiently, which supports mountaineers in getting adjusted to low oxygen situations in high-altitudes.

    Enhance the effect of other herbs

    Shilajit increases the benefit of other nutrients in herbs, which is one of its amazing and very unique qualities. Herbs known to work better in the presence of shilajit are:

    Shorea Robusta- Sal tree
    Buchanania Latifolia- Little Gooseberry tree or Sparrow’s Mango
    Vachellia Farnesiana- Sweet Acacia
    Acacia Catechu- Catechu
    Terminalia Chebula- Chebulic Myrobalan
    Sida Cordifolia- Flannel Weed

    Act as Antiviral

    It is assumed that because of those amazing range of minerals and other nutrients, shilajit is possibly also effective against many different viruses, including some herpes.

    Fights Liver Cancer

    Another remarkable quality of shilajit is that it effectively works against certain cancer cells. In fighting liver cancer, the benefits of shilajit are quite significant.

    Effective Against Alzheimer’s disease

    Tau proteins, an important part of our nervous system, may result in brain cell damage when forms like a growth. To prevent this unwanted formation, shilajit can be a good herbal solution.

    Shilajit contributes to our cognitive health through fulvic acid, a powerful antioxidant that prevents the accumulation of tau protein. This way, shilajit is also believed to be able to prevent or slow Alzheimer’s disease that greatly affects the memory, behaviour, and thought processes of a human being.

    How to Identify Pure Shilajit

    Although the traditional source of shilajit used to be India and Tibet, nowadays, many other countries offer it too. However, it is a very rare and expensive substance. Therefore, the possibility of being tricked is adequate! Here is how you know you have pure shilajit:

    1. Shilajit is a sticky, tar-like substance. It tastes bitter and has a smell similar to cow urine.
    2. Generally, shilajit melts in your hands in about three minutes, but if cooled down in the refrigerator, it becomes very hard and can be shattered like a piece of glass with a hammer. Also remember, liquid shilajit, if pure, always holds its forms and doesn’t separate into lumps.
    3. Shilajit completely dissolves in warm water or milk, creating a golden or reddish liquid. So, if after five minutes, if anything is left in the bottom, that must be an unwanted substance added to it.
    4. If caught on fire, shilajit will not light or burn like a candle.
    5. Shilajit can be purchased in many forms, but never trust one that comes in powder form.

    Shilajit’s Side effects

    Many people these days tend to avoid chemical drugs and pills and getting into Ayurveda, which is mainly due to the fear of side effects. However, herbal remedies also may have a few side effects, so it should never be consumed without the consent of a doctor.

    And also, you should be well aware of its purity, since impure shilajit can be as harmful as it is effective when pure.


    Although a lot of shilajit’s application is yet to be proven in clinical tests, the benefit of shilajit has been highly trusted for hundreds of years. However, you should always know what you are consuming and why. We hope this article will help you to understand shilajit from that perspective and take the next healthful step for you.

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