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The Company of Animals HALTI OptiFit $13.01 (REG $24.00)

The Company of Animals HALTI OptiFit $13.01 (REG $24.00)
The Company of Animals HALTI OptiFit $13.01 (REG $24.00)


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    The Company of Animals HALTI OptiFit is now available at Amazon.com for just $13.01 (REG $24.00) (As of 02 June 2019, 21:08 PST – Details) with $10.99 (46%) Savings.

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    • STOP PULLING – Train your dog to stop pulling on walks with the world-famous HALTI OptiFit Headcollar. Neoprene-padded noseband ensures supreme comfort for your dog and prevents the strip from moving into your dog’s eyes.
    • PRACTICAL & SAFE – The safety loop attaches to the d-ring on the dog’s collar allowing control even if the headcollar comes off. The HALTI headcollar is designed to allow your dog to pant and yawn, and reflective webbing on the side strips to help provide additional visibility.
    • CUSTOM FIT FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES- Made from lightweight and strong nylon webbing, The HALTI OptiFit Headcollar comes in 3 sizes and can be adjusted to be used for all dogs including tiny and giant breeds.
    • EASY TO USE- Includes a free comprehensive training guide.
    • EFFECTIVE TRAINING TOOL – Patented design gently steers the head and therefore controls the dog’s direction of movement, making training easy and putting you, the owner, back in control.

    The Company of Animals HALTI OptiFit

    halti optifit no pull harness lead leash dog

    HALTI OptiFit Headcollar

    Steering the dog in the same way as the original HALTI Headcollar, additional OptiFit features ensure the perfect fit for all dog face shapes, from short-nosed Boxers to long-nosed Wolfhounds.

    What is a HALTI OptiFit?

    The HALTI OptiFit stops dogs from pulling by steering the head so the body has to follow. Invented by Dr Roger Mugford, the HALTI OptiFit has been designed to provide dogs with an optimum fit whatever their face shape.

    How does it work?

    Its unique design works by gently directing the dog’s head, in much the same way as a headcollar works on a horse. The adjustable chin strap maintains an optimum comfort fit to the contours of a dogs face, so whatever breed of dog wearing the HALTI Optifit, it will not rise up into the dogs eyes or touch the dogs flews (lips).

    Highlights of the HALTI OptiFit Headcollar

    ● Optimum Fit: new contour hugging design

    ● Cushioned: internal padding for supreme comfort and durability

    ● Highly Visible: reflective side strips for additional visibility

    ● Secure: sliding camlock allows customized fitting for every dog

    ● Safety Link: for additional security

    Fitting Tips

    Time should be taken when accustoming a dog to the HALTI OptiFit, so that he has a positive association with it. Initially place the noseband flat in your hand and feed the dog treats, so that he is happily putting his nose through it. When he becomes used to it you can secure the neck section.

    To ensure that he cannot pull the nose band back over his nose, slide the camlock towards his chin and lock. However, it is important that the camlock is not so high that it restricts his ability to pant, eat or to open his mouth.

    When first using the HALTI OptiFit, ensure you continually praise and reward your dog, and feed treats to help distract him and to ensure it is a rewarding experience. Never leave the HALTI OptiFit on an unsupervised dog or he may chew it.

    Breed recommendations are a guideline. We recommend you measure your dog to ensure the right fit. For the neck measurement, place the measuring tape snug around the top of the dog’s neck.

    Our comprehensive portfolio is constantly evolving and now boasts over 50 unique products that are hugely popular among owners, trainers and behaviorists across the world!

    Our product ranges include:

    • HALTI Training
    • HALTI Walking
    • Pet Corrector
    • Pet Head Grooming
    • CLIX Training

    Welcome To The Company Of Animals

    For over 35 years we have been committed to strengthening the bond between owners and pets

    A lot has changed since our founder and world renowned animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford established the Company of Animals in 1979, but we are committed to providing accessible training and behavior solutions for common problems experienced by dog owners that are easy to use and actually work!

    From the patented range of HALTI Headcollars and Harnesses to the globally trusted Pet Corrector, we aspire to help dog owners build rewarding and loving relationships with their pets.

    The HALTI OptiFit is a complete training program designed by Dr. Roger Mugford which guarantees to stop your dog pulling. The pack includes a HALTI OptiFit Headcollar, a comprehensive Instruction Guide, and a HALTI safety link which connects to the dogs’ collar for extra security. Specially designed to provide an ergonomic and comfortable fit, the adjustable chin-strap with secure camlock, allows a customized fitting for every dog. The uniquely styled cheek straps, which follow the contours of a dogs face, stop the OptiFit rising into the dogs eyes or sliding down to his lips (flews). Additional padding on the noseband, ensures extra comfort and reflective webbing on the side strips help provide additional visibility. Designed to fit most dogs from short nosed Boxers to long nosed Borzoi’s, the HALTI OptiFit provides maximum comfort and optimum fit no matter what the shape or size.

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