Target & Lowe’s – Saved 78%

Target & Lowe’s – Saved 78%
Target & Lowe’s – Saved 78%


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    Hey Guys!

    Mike and I just got back from a little shopping trip to Lowe’s and Target. Here’s how we worked our Mojo:


    Bought 2 Kobalt Quick-Change folding Back Lock-Back Knife – $8.98 ea
    Used 2 of the Free offer coupons
    = 2 for FREE

    **These are nice! Mike was so stoked leaving Lowe’s! He couldn’t believe it!


    Bought 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean – $8.69 ea
    used 2 $5/1 coupon
    used 1 $3/1 Target coupon
    used $5 Target gift card wyb Scrubbing bubbles Extend A Clean Starter kit
    = 2 Free + 62¢ overage

    Butterfinger – 67¢
    used Free coupon from Facebook
    = Free

    Bought 2 GE Reveal 60W 4-pk bulbs – $2 ea
    used $1/2 coupon
    used 2 of the Target $1.50/1
    = 2 for FREE

    Bic 7-ct pens – 99¢
    $1/1 coupon
    = Free

    Bic 10-ct pens – $1.02
    $1/1 coupon
    = Free

    Bought a few more items such as gum, milk, and coffee. We spent $14.38 (+ got a $5 gift Card) for everything and saved $42.91. That’s a savings of 78%!

    1. SWEEEEET ! Now tell me some more about these Lowes knives?? I must have missed that one. Yes the guys like the deals too. I sent a free razor to my dad. My mom called here said he was so excited LOL
      Said “this is for ME !” Went and sat at the table putting the batteries in and playing with it. New fangled razor for this man almost 80. But he still enjoys getting stufff especiially for free LOL Gotta love it !

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