Target Coupon Book with over $29 in Savings

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I received my new Target coupon book today and it appeals to my ‘geeky’ poetry

It is called Hi, Coupons! (or haiku-pons and is filled with product themed haikus…lol)

There are over $29 in coupons. These coupons expire 8/17/11.

Coupons include:

$0.50 off 1-lb or more fresh fruit (Nectarines, Peaches, or Plums)
$1.00 off 59 or 64 oz refrigerated orange juice with purchase of 13 oz or larger Post Cereal
$1.00 off Eucerin body lotion
$1.00 off with purchase of 2 Always or Tampax feminine care items
$1.00 off with purchase of 3 greeting cards (excludes cards under $1)
$1.00 off Biz laundry item: 80 oz color safe powder booster or 40 oz liquid detergent
$1.00 off with purchase of two Hormel Natural Choice lunchmeats
$1.00 off Irish Spring: Body wash or deodorant or bar soap, excludes trial size
$1.00 off Colgate toothpaste or toothbrush or 16 ct wisp, excludes trial size
$2.00 off Futuro brace or support item
$0.50 off Method Cleaning item, excludes trial size
$0.75 off Fabric softener: Downy or Bounce, excludes trial size
$0.50 off 4pk Izze sparkling juice: Bottle or Cans
$1.00 off Mitchum or Lady Mitchum deodorant, excludes trial size
$1.00 off Schick Hydro: 5 blade razor or 4ct blade razor refills
$1.00 off Multipack Luna nutrition bars: Protein or Regular
$0.50 off Dawn dish soap or Cascade dishwasher detergent, excludes trial size
$0.75 off Tide laundry detergent, excludes trial size
$0.75 off 2 candy items: Starburst or lifesavers or skittles
$1.00 off Fruit of the Loom packaged underwear
$2.00 off 48 ct or larger Pampers: Training pants or diapers
$1.00 off Hanes apparel item: men’s, women’s or kids
$1.00 off 25 oz or larger Palmolive dish detergent
$1.00 off 6-pk or larger Cottonelle bath tissue
$0.75 off 8.5 oz or larger Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice
$1.00 off Nivea Shower gel or Body Wash, excludes trial size
$2.00 off 10 oz RevitaLens multi-purpose disinfecting solutions
$1.00 off 1.5″ScotchBlue painter’s tape or delicate surfaces
$0.75 off 2 Ziploc food storage: bags or containers
$1.00 off 12-pk double roll Quilted Nothern bath tissue


Thanks, Q’s Coupons and Savings

  1. Hi there, How might I go about getting target Qs mailed to me as well? Thanks

  2. How did you get this? In the store? or through the mail?

  3. Awesome! =D Where did you get this from?

  4. Please let us know where to get this booklet.

    • It appears they only send them out randomly. You may want to call them at corporate and inquire how you can get one.

      • I called Target and talked to two different departments and they weren’t much help. They basically said they could not control what coupons were sent out.

  5. Where did you get it from Mojo??

  6. It came by mail. We started getting them when registered for our Wedding registry.

  7. I actually received two: one in my husband’s name annd one under mine. Not sure how that happened, but they are also slightly different. The fruit coupon for instance only came in one of them. One said “$28 in Savings” and the other said “$29 in Savings.” Strange!

  8. I got one last week and it had different coupons – didn’t get the fruit one. I started getting coupons in the mail from Target after I signed up for their Target credit card.

  9. I started getting these after we did our baby registry. You might want to just sign up for a gift registry. I was excited that a ton of these coupons have a matching manufacturer’s coupons.

  10. how do you get these target coupon booklet? thanks

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