Surveys & Swagbucks = Cash in your Pocket

Surveys & Swagbucks = Cash in your Pocket
Surveys & Swagbucks = Cash in your Pocket


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    Remember the post we did where we told you about Opinion Outpost the other day? Well, don’t take my word for it.

    Here are some comments from our readers who have first hand experience with Opinion Outpost:

    Christine: “I’m a member of it and really like the fact that you can get a check mailed to you. They do send a good amount of surveys, although I haven’t qualified for a lot of them. Also, be sure to jump on them when they are sent to you. If not you could lose the chance. I’m up to almost $20 and have only been a member for about 2 months.”

    Nikki: “I have made $87 with them since I joined in April. The checks really come in handy.”

    Melissa: “I have been a member for about 2 years now. I stack up the points all year then either cash them in for a check or an gift card during the holidays. This along with several other sites I work with, seriously help curb the holiday spending! :)

    Now, like I’ve said before, I haven’t used Opinion Outpost – but maybe I should!! You can go here to get started with Opinion Outpost!

    I have two favorite reward sites. One, of course is Swagbucks! Swagbucks is by far my long time favorite and you can read all the details about it here. I have been blessed to be able to redeem my Swagbucks for so many gifts and even household necessities. I love it because it isn’t money out of my pocket!

    My second favorite site is a survey site and called – My Survey. I just recently posted about redeeming my points for $20 in Outback gift cards. My Survey is nice because you not only get points for surveys which you redeem for gift cards, etc. They also reward you nicely for referring others. I am saving my points now for a Travelocity Hotel e-gift certificate to help pay for part of a small vacation for our family. They have so many great prizes, it really is hard to decide!

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