Support Easier Access To Healthy Food And You Could Win A $3,000 ShopRite Gift Card! #SeedWhatsHappening

Support Easier Access To Healthy Food And You Could Win A $3,000 ShopRite Gift Card! #SeedWhatsHappening
Support Easier Access To Healthy Food And You Could Win A $3,000 ShopRite Gift Card! #SeedWhatsHappening


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    Do you love fresh produce?

    • I love fresh produce! I am blessed to live in an area surrounded by quality farmers’ markets and produce stands! But, not everyone has the same access to healthy food. Some urban areas are referred to as “food swamps”. These areas are typically surrounded by mostly fast-food restaurants and bodegas. Without access to healthy ingredients, cooking fresh meals on a budget is out of reach for many. Thanks to ShopRite and Unilever, we can help change that reality for a Brooklyn community! Plus, you also have a chance to win a $250 gift card to ShopRite OR a $3,000 gift card! You can use this money to purchase about a year’s worth of produce!

    Cook healthy meals on a budget!

    • I love being able to get fresh produce and create healthy meals for my family! ShopRite enables me to do that even on a tight budget. At times it takes a little convincing for my little ones to try fresh fruits and veggies, but in the end, they usually love it! Which makes my job as a mom even easier. And of course, I’m satisfied that they are ingesting foods that are nutritious and tasty. Thanks to Unilever’s partnership with Shoprite, they are creating those same opportunities for low-income families. Together they are sponsoring an urban farm in Canarsie, Brooklyn, as part of the Seed What’s Happening Program. Bay View Houses Farm is a 2-acre green space where the community can come to gather fresh produce for FREE! How awesome is that?! Prior to the farm being built, the community was actually surveyed to find out which fruits and veggies they liked the most. This is such a cool program!

    How can you make a difference?

    • We can be a part of this change by partnering with ShopRite and Unilever to help address this need and provide access to healthy food, as well as education about healthy eating. To support the program and be entered to win, ShopRite Shoppers can head to their local store to find their favorite ShopRite produce and Unilever products like Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton teas, and Country Crock spreads. Be sure to share your favorite healthy recipes online with #SeedWhatsHappening! As part of a well-rounded diet, enjoy sweet savings on Breyers Natural Vanilla, Talenti Gelato, Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, Klondike, and Good Humor products that are all made with the finest ingredients. Many local ShopRites have cooking demonstrations and Culinary Workshops to give you easy and healthy dinner options for those days when you are struggling with what to make. Check to see if your local store offers them!

    Enter to win FREE groceries for a year!

    • To learn more, go to and take the quiz to be entered to win a gift card that can be used on a year’s worth of produce!!! One first prize winner will be chosen each month for a $250 ShopRite gift card! The grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the program and will win a $3,000 ShopRite gift card! Wow! Support healthy living for those in need! Share with your produce loving pals today!
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