Still in Search of Survey Companies…

Still in Search of Survey Companies…
Still in Search of Survey Companies…


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    Are you still searching for some Survey companies to earn some extra cash with? Here is a list that you can pick and choose from. I don’t have experience with all of these, so if some of you do, leave us a comment on the ones you feel are really worthwhile!

    Valued Opinions

    Vindale Research

    Send Earnings


    Reward Port

    Nielsen National Consumer Panel HomeScan


    InBox Dollars

    Panda Research



    Inspired Opinions Panel

    Tips to Remember:

    1) You will definitely want to set up a separate email account just for surveys. A lot of the companies off you money for simply reading emails, which can accumulate to 3-6 per day per company. This will also prevent your personal account from becoming bombarded.

    2) You won’t “get rich fast” with any of them. They take time to reach the designated payouts that some companies requite. You’ll need to definitely practice a little patience, but it’s worth it when the checks show up!

    3) Different companies offer different rewards. Some only payout with gift cards. Others you’ll have to reach a designated threshold before you get your money. Others pay out in freebies. And you might get lucky enough to find some that payout a little of everything!

    4) Always make sure a company is “legit”. Ask around or look for those posted as recommendations from bloggers you trust. But always follow the rule of “Use Your Best Judgment” or “If It Sounds To Good To Be True…It Probably Is!” Never, ever pay a fee to join one!

    5) You can use a program such as Roboform HERE that will automatically fill in data for you, saving you time. There’s a free version that you can download.

    6) It may not seem like your surveys are adding up to much so consider putting them in a separate high-interest account and watch them grow (and earn interest!). Think of it as your vacation/Christmas Fund!

    I am a member of about half of these survey companies. However, I don’t really take the time to do them as much as I should. That was supposed to be one of the things I was working on doing better this year, but with the blog and the kids…. well, you know. I guess I will still be working on this next year too…lol

    1. Can you tell us which survey companies you use? Which one(s) do you recommend for beginners? =) Thanks for all of your hard work!! We appreciate it!

      • Leigh,
        I am currently with send earnings, inbox dollars, toluna, my surveyand my points. But, like I said, I don’t take the time I should to do the surveys.

    2. Vindale seems to require you to use a credit card for a lot of their surveys. I’m not comfortable with this.

      I have found that Pinecone Research and Valued Opinions are good ones.

      Pinecone Research if you can get in is very valuable. I earn most weeks 6-20 dollars for 1/2 hour time it’s not bad. Not to mention the free stuff. So far I’ve probably recieved something like 20 dollars worth of items.

      Valued Opinions pays smaller amounts and it can be frustrating, but it is also good.

    3. I think Survey Spot would be good 4 beginners cos they have TONS o surveys. Ppl complain that they send don’t send as many paid surveys as b4, but u still can rack up more $ than most of the others. Valued Opinions is my fave & I’m really starting 2 warm up 2 Survey Savvy, esp after earning $10 for a 5 min phone survey. MyPoints is the SHIZ. I never do their surveys or buy anything, but I get tons of points by a)joining another survey site, Consumer Input THRU MyPoints & b) being a BzzAgent. If u join Viewpoints thru them u get tons of points, also. I didn’t join Viewpoints thru them & I could slap myself w/ a dead fish 4 not doing so. Being able 2 cash out on MyPoints frequently helps ease the sting of not qualifying 4 surveys over and over again. I’m on a buncha other sites if anyone wants more info.
      P.S. Pinecone seems 2 b popular, but I can’t join because I’m a Hawaiian resident 🙁

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