SLotic Baby Teething Toys 6 Pack $10.88 (REG $24.99)

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SLotic Baby Teething Toys 6 Pack – Silicone BPA Free Natural Organic Freezer Safe Teethers for Newborn Infant, Soft & Textured – Babies Shower Gift is now available at for just $10.88 (REG $24.99) (As of 01 October 2019, 20:13 PST – Details) with $14.11 (56%)Savings.

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About the product:
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Do you want to help your baby get through that rough period of teething easier and with less pain? The answer is here with our amazing fruit teether toy, a safe and easy solution to gums pain relief.
  • 100% SAFE: Our fruit baby chewing toy is made with silicone, a soft and flexible material that will not hurt your baby’s gums. At the same time, the silicone material is BPA-free and contains no toxins that may hurt your child.
  • PRACTICAL: All babies experience a period when they feel the need to grab and chew on everything, but the fruit pain relief toy has a specially textured surface and soft feel that your baby will love, making his gums hurt less while also helping the new teeth to sprout easier and faster.
  • Perfectly Fit for Little Hands: Your baby can easily grab onto the stem, And these teether toys can reach all the way back to the molars.
  • BABY SHOWER GIFT: Getting the perfect present for the new parents-to-be is no easy job, but we are sure that the silicone pacifier for newborns is practical, cute and easy to use, making for the ideal baby shower gift. The silicone teething toy can be washed and disinfected easily.

SLotic Baby Teething Toys 6 Pack – Silicone BPA Free Natural Organic Freezer Safe Teethers for Newborn Infant, Soft & Textured – Babies Shower Gift

Teething is a painful and quite long process that all babies go through. We believe no children should be suffering, so we have designed the amazing silicone baby teething toy, a safe pain relief that will truly help your child easy his or her way into growing their teeth.

Why is this product for your child?

Because it’s practical, easy to use and super cute. The fruit-shaped toy has a textured surface that will massage the child’s gums, helping with pain relief and rushing the teeth to sprout. The silicone toy is safe and will not scratch the kid’s gums, while also being easy to clean and disinfect.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The baby teething toy is a must-have accessory for all babies
  • It is soft and will not hurt your child’s gums
  • The textured surface helps to massage the gums, relieving pain
  • Your baby can easily grab onto the stem
  • BPA-free and non-toxic silicone material
  • Can be washed and disinfected
  • Cute fruit shape
  • Great baby shower present
  • Perfectly Fit for Little Hands

Help your child ease his way into teething with the amazing silicone fruit toy!


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