SentrySafe X055 Security Safe with Digital Keypad 0.5 Cubic Feet $47.60 (REG $105.00)

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SentrySafe X055 Security Safe with Digital Keypad 0.5 Cubic Feet (Medium), Black is now available at for just $47.60 (REG $105.00) (As of 14 May 2019, 20:49 PST – Details) with $57.40 (55%) Savings.

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Size:0.5 Cubic Feet (Medium)

  • Set your own digital combination with this medium safe box; two override keys ensure you will always have access to your valuables; not a fireproof safe or waterproof safe
  • Digital safe offers secure storage for medication, cash, and small valuables; California DOJ certified gun safe.
  • Basic security safe for home as a theft deterrent; digital combination safe features two live-locking bolts, steel construction, concealed hinges, carpeted floor, and bolt down hardware.
  • Exterior: 13.8 in. W x 10.6 in. D x 8.7 in. H; Interior: 13.6 in. W x 8.7 in. D x 8.5 in. H; medium 0.58 cubic foot capacity; weighs 14 pounds.
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term usage.

SentrySafe X055 Security Safe with Digital Keypad 0.5 Cubic Feet (Medium), Black

SentrySafe X055 Security Safe with Digital Keypad, 0.5 Cubic Feet (Medium), Black

Set Your Own Digital Combination

Two emergency override keys make it possible to open the safe and access your valuables even if you forget your combination. Easy-to-access battery compartment makes changing the batteries simple.

Two Large Bolts

Live locking bolts provide advanced protection against forced entry.

Door Security

Added protection against attempted break-ins by making it harder for thieves to compromise the structural integrity of the door.


Rugged Security

Long-Lasting Strength

Solid steel construction for durable protection.

Interior Protection

The carpeted floor helps to protect delicate valuables from damage while stored inside the security safe.

Anchor to the Floor

For maximum security, bolting down your safe is strongly recommended. Bolt down hardware prevents the safe from being easily removed from your home or office.

The SentrySafe X055 Security Safe is built with solid steel construction, a pry-resistant door, and two live-locking bolts to keep your valuables secure. This safe includes a carpeted interior to keep your important valuables protected from damage during storage. The X055 is also a California DOJ Certified gun safe.


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