Sea-Band Morning Sickness Wristband $6.21 (REG $12.50)


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    Sea-Band Morning Sickness Wristband

    Sea-Band Morning Sickness Wristband is now available at for just $6.21 (REG $12.50) (As of 24 February 2019, 18:15 PST – Details) with  50% Discount  and Free shipping to your doorsteps most probably.

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    • EA-BAND: Sea-Band, motion sickness wristbands, help relieve nausea from morning sickness, chemotherapy, surgery, car sickness, etc. Sea-Band anti-nausea wristbands are safe, reusable & washable.
    • WRISTBAND FOR NAUSEA RELIEF: Sea-Bands work by applying pressure to the P6 (Nei Kuan) acupressure point on each wrist. Applying pressure to this point has been proven to relieve nausea & vomiting.
    • WAVE GOODBYE TO TRAVEL SICKNESS: Do you or your child suffer from motion sickness, sea sickness, or car sickness when you travel? Sea-Band anti-nausea products can help you feel better, naturally.
    • THE NATURAL CHOICE FOR NAUSEA RELIEF: Inspired by traditional remedies, like herbs, aromatherapy, & acupressure, Sea-Band nausea relief items help you feel better naturally, with no drug interactions.
    • WHY SEA-BAND? Sea-Band wristbands, ginger drops, & gum for motion sickness, morning sickness, or other causes of nausea, give drug-free nausea relief without side effects like drowsiness or fogginess
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    • 50% Discount for a limited time.

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    Sea-Band Morning Sickness Wristband At Discount

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