Retailers Fight Back Against Extreme Coupon Trend

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Retailers Fight Back Against Extreme Coupon Trend

What to take from this article:

1. Don’t support the Extreme Coupon Show

2. Don’t support websites or blogs that teach and or encourage Extreme Couponing

3. Don’t be a Shelf Clearer

4. Be a responsible Couponer

5. Know what your stores coupon policy is and bring a copy of it with you

6. If you feel a store isn’t couponer friendly, don’t support them! Only shop at stores that are friendly and fair to couponers.

I’m sure we’ve probably missed some tips so please feel free to leave a comment or let us know how these changes have affected you and your family.

Thanks, Dani

  1. I just wanted to say that “Retailers” need to start to educate their employees more – I tried to order items from my local Copps and PicknSave stores this week and had to call 3 times and speak with a manager before I could get anything ordered. It was so frustrating… I am trying to be respectful to the stores but because I only needed 10 of most items they said they’d have enough… HOWEVER I shop at these stores often and the couponing group in my area has gotten bigger so several of the “popular” items do actually sell out. I am not a “rain check” lover at Copps etc. because you then have to time pick up of the rain check items with the next double or double double daze. Anyway… I guess that’s enough of my 2cents… lol Have a great day all.

  2. I’m a couponer not an extreme couponer and am glad that stores are making changes. It is very annoying when I want to purchase a sale item and nothing is left on the shelf, sometimes even on the first day of the sale!

  3. I think the retailers need to recognize that the show is mostly staged and not how probably 99% out there coupon.

    On the flip side couponers need to realize that the show is staged.

  4. I really wish that show would go off the air.

  5. I honestly have stopped couponing so much using costco, amazon more I use costco coupons which alot of times equal a great deal, just tried to simplify we are expecting our 3rd in a month. And buy non coupon items at stores meat and produce. I might go back in a few months though once everything has settled down.

  6. I personally haven’t supported THAT show since the Jaime Kirwel chick was exposed using the wrong coupons on the wrong items.

    I’ve always preordered my larger orders thru customer service. That way I don’t clear shelves.

    I’ve always let other people go in front of me if I planned on doing more than one transaction so that I’m not holding up the line or causing a problem for the store.

  7. THANK YOU!! well said. You might want to tell your readers to print these rules and place them on there first page in their coupon binders as a friendly reminder to be an honest couponer and share with other couponers. Sincerely Mary

  8. Talk about FAKE reality tv. Do not watch it, can’t stand it. Most of the grocery stores where I live do no take printed coupons from the internet. The only place that takes them is Walmart. And does anyone else notice that on the FAKE couponing show that no one else is ever in the store but them. FAKE FAKE

  9. @ Sandra —
    I don’t usually comment on things, but your comment is very rude and judgemental. I do use a binder, and I am NOT a “newbie”. I do have a clue, and I am not even close to “affluent”. My binder keeps me organized so that I can shop more quickly while still using coupons. This post was about extreme couponing which I do not do, either. Stick to the topic instead of making broad, generalized statements that are rude.

    • Thanks Kim! Very well said! I also use a binder for organization and I don’t extreme coupon because I think it’s thoughtless and rude.

  10. I think majority of us are on the same boat, trying to save money and make our ends meet. I also think anyone can enjoy and practice couponing whether you are a college student, a single mom/dad, stay-home-mom with 4 kids or even a well-to-do person. The Extreme couponing show really portraits one side of the coupon world and that is coupon/item hoarding. I think we can change this bad perspective by using coupons properly, be courtesy towards other couponers and respect stores’ coupon policy.

    Also, I think it is time for all of us to speak up. If you see someone is clearing a shelf, say something to that person. Yeah, it sounds like it is not really our business, isn’t it? However, it is. Talk to the store manager about the possibility of limiting number of items customer can buy for each product. This way, each customer gets the same opportunity to try items, especially for those that are on sale.

    By the way, I think a coupon binder is a great system for both coupon beginners and veterans. However, people just need to choose what works for them .

  11. I can not stand the people that clear the shelves. I myself will only get a max of 4 items if it is something i use very often.
    I can not stand to go into CVS, or even Walgreens, when there is something i would like to try, and get in there and the shelve is cleared. And then when they get their truck in, someone goes and clears the shelve again.

    Who needs 50 or more bottles of body wash, or deodorant? And for god sake do not be stingy on the vitamins.

    I like to save money just like everyone else, but give others a chance to also.

  12. I have been couponing for many years and because of this show most stores now study every coupon to find ways to not accept it. The majority of the time I will have no more than 2 like coupons at a time and now they are questioning that. I have never cleared a shelf and only every once and a while get stuff free but when I need it more than ever most stores are making it difficult to use coupons, these fame seekers really make me mad because it truly hurts the little guy just trying to save money.

  13. I cannot stand the show and honestly am dumbfounded as to why it is still on the air after all the misuse of coupons, as well as blantant fraud. I am always friendly to store employees and let others go in front of me if I am purchasing in larger quantities. I have seen some who are rude and disrespectful to others. I am with Sandra on the binders…really??

  14. Wow, there is a lot of hate here. I am not an extreme couponer, but I hate the changes stores are making. Let me point out that coupons DO NOT hurt retailers, as the companies producing the coupons reimburse them. Sorry, but if I am smart enough to find a way to get something free and/or make money off of it, I am definitely going to do it.

  15. I watched maybe two episodes last year and was disgusted at how people who use coupons were portrayed. I’ve never used more than 20 coupons at one time and I shop late at night so that I don’t hold up anyone at the checkout. I predicted last year on another site that the manufacturers and stores were going to change because of that awful show.
    It’s too bad. It was nice for a while to get lots of stuff for a little money, but no longer.

  16. What’s so wrong about using a binder? I don’t get why this is even a “thing” that is used to judge someone…
    Is there a better way to do this? Please, do share…

  17. I use a binder for organization and have been couponing for over 25 years.
    The managers and cashiers enjoy people who
    coupon and help if they can.
    I save 40 to 60 percent when I shop.

    You need to realize that the retailer gets
    their money back for the amount of the coupon
    plus, it only generated business on the bottom line for them.

    Our Walgreens only gets about 6 items in for sales, so I hardly even go in there.

    I think the show is entertaining

  18. My vote is to take the show off the air. I see nothing good about it. It isn’t reality. It isn’t good for anybody. I use coupons but rarely get anything for free. It is full of dishonesty and sensationalism.

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