Portable Cosmetic Mirror – Travel Bathroom Table Home $23.99 (REG $79.99)

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Travel Double Sided LED Makeup Mirror, 1X/10X Magnification Daylight Lighted Illuminated Flexible Foldaway Mirror Adjustable Anti-slip Pad Folding Portable Cosmetic Mirror – Travel Bathroom Table Home is now available at Walmart.com for just $23.99 (REG $79.99) (As of 31 March 2019, 10:58PST – Details) with $56.00 (70%) Savings.

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LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, 1x / 10x Magnification – Daylight LED, Compact, Portable, Adjustable Stand, Extends to 13-Inch High Illuminated Folding Mirror

Double-sided Available: 1x normal ratio makeup mirror, 10x magnified mirror. 1X normal view offers you a distortion free image of your whole face. 10x magnification is ideal for close-up detail work such as eye makeup or tweezers. For 2-in-1 use, you don’t need to buy an extra ordinary mirror or magnifying glass.Enjoy HD time from now on.


Eye Protection Design: Light intensity is designed according to human visual characteristics. Soft and comfortable. Giving your eyes a full range of care.

Multi-functional: It not only a cosmetic mirror, but also as a small table lamp and bedside lamp. Allowing you to enjoy the beauty easily and peace of mind to work and study.

Easy to Clean: The mirror will stick some fingerprints after long-term used. Don’t worry, use a clean cloth to wipe it gently. Then mirror will clean like before.


Foldable and Portable: It folds into a very compact and pleasing design that takes up less than 1/3 of a square foot of space, allowing you to make and travel in a comfortable and relaxing way.

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