Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Collectible Slime & Mystery Character, $5.88 (REG $9.99)


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    Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Collectible Slime & Mystery Character, Multicolor is now available at Amazon.com for just $5.88 (REG $9.99) (As of 03 September 2019, 10:31 PST – Details) with $4.11 (41%)Savings.

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    Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Collectible Slime & Mystery Character


    A totally unique slime & unboxing experience! Unbox sparkly unicorn poop that has a slime surprise inside.

    Poopsie Cutie tooties surprise is the slime surprise that oozes fun! Unbox a snippable sparkly Unicorn poop that can be snipped with scissors or popped using a tab on the bottom to reveal the slime surprise inside. Squeeze out the slime for a satisfying And totally unique unboxing experience. The scented slimes come in different textures, including water, crunch, and Marshmallow slimes. Squeezing out the slime reveals the adorable Cutie tooties character hidden inside. Reseal the iridescent plastic package to store slime and keep it fresh. Collect all 25+ Cutie booties and 30+ slimes. Collect the rainbow!



    • Poopsie Cutie tooties surprise are a totally new slime & unboxing experience
    • Snip or pop the glitter unicorn poop for a slime surprise and reveal your mystery character
    • 30+ slimes to collect – crunch, bouncy, water, Marshmallow and putty slime
    • Find collectible Cutie tooties characters hidden inside slime. Collect 25+
    • Iridescent package reseals to store slime

    Squeeze Slime

    Squeeze the slime out of Glitter Unicorn Poop to find the surprise inside! What slime will you get? 30+ slimes to collect- Crunch, Bouncy, Water, Marshmallow and Putty Slime!



    Find Surprise

    Inside the slime, unbox a surprise Cutie Tooties character. Each character has a sparkly unicorn horn. Find the ultra-rare rainbow kitty!

    Collect all 25+ Cutie Tooties characters! Collect the rainbow!

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