Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle with Disposable Drop-Ins Liners $8.99 (REG $24.99)

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Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle with Disposable Drop-Ins Liners, for Breastfed Babies, 8 Ounce Bottles, 3 Count is now available at for just $8.99 (REG $24.99) (As of 04 August 2019, 21:12 PST – Details) with $16.00 (64%)Savings.

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About the product:

Size: 8 Ounce | Style: 3 Pack

  • CLOSER TO NATURAL BREASTFEEDING – Designed to be most like mom, the Naturalatch silicone nipple encourages proper latching, promotes healthy feeding and allows you to easily switch between breast and bottle.
  • ANTI-COLIC FEEDING – Soft, disposable liner contracts while baby feeds to mimic breastfeeding. This prevents air from mixing with milk and allows air-free feeding, reducing colic, gas and fussiness.
  • PRE-STERILIZED FOR CLEANLINESS – Pre-sterilized liners guarantee your bottle is clean* and minimize clean-up time. They are also recyclable**. (*Does not include nipple and ring) (**Can be recycled at most grocery and mass retail store recycling bins)
  • FAST BOTTLE WARMING – Drop-Ins Liners are thin for quick and easy warming.
  • DESIGNED FOR ON THE GO MOMS – Nurser bottles are conveniently designed with pre-sterilized disposable liners to make bottle time easy for home or on the go.

Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle with Disposable Drop-Ins Liners, for Breastfed Babies, 8 Ounce Bottles, 3 Count

Made to work like mom.

One of a kind bottle system, with a unique liner that works like breastfeeding by contracting during feeding to give a more natural, air-free bottle feeding for baby.

Ideal for newborns, breastfed babies, or any stage of introducing a bottle. Nurser makes bottle time easy at home or on the go!



Features and Benefits


Pre-sterilized liners for a guaranteed clean bottle every time.

Easy, one handed assembly – drop liner in the bottle.

*BPA Free, PVC Free and Phthalate Free Claims are approved by Intertek Testing Services, Test Number: HKGH02029264


Our unique soft liner gently contracts as baby feeds to promote air-free feeding, helping reduce colic, gas and fussiness; allowing for a more natural breathing & feeding rhythm.


Our disposable liners are recyclable so you spend less time washing, more time with baby.

Naturalatch nipple is the “Most Like Mom”

Raised texture and natural wide shape help baby latch on naturally.

Easy transition to bottle feeding or switching between breast and bottle. Comes in slow, medium, fast flows and Y-cut for thick formulas or cereal.



Breastlike nipple offers a wider base and mimics the breast

Raised texture and wider shape offers a more breastlike shape to match your baby’s preference during feeding.

Comes in slow, medium and fast flow.




Petite nipple is a smaller size for smaller mouths

Raised texture helps baby latch on naturally. Petite size for newborns, preemies, or babies that prefer a smaller nipple.

Comes in slow flow only. Transition easily to the Naturalatch when baby is ready.



playtex baby bottle nurser liners anti colic tommee tippee nuk avent breastfeeding

Playtex Baby Nurser Bottles are made to work like mom. They provide a closer to natural feeding experience that’s ideal for newborns, breastfed babies or any stage of introducing a bottle. Naturalatch silicone nipples mimic the breast to encourage latching and control the flow of liquid. Our bottles feature pre-sterilized liners that are easy to replace, recyclable** and guarantee a clean* bottle every time. The Drop-Ins Liners and leak-proof design make bottle time convenient and easy for home or on the go. Playtex Baby offers a variety of uniquely designed bottles that provide total tummy comfort and meet all of your baby’s feeding needs. All Playtex Baby products are BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.

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