Plan the Best Zero-Waste Bachelorette Party In 2020


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    In 2020, we all gravitate towards environment-conscious living. We don’t want to hurt turtles in the oceans, preferring metal straws. We don’t waste plastic bags, preferring to go with a trendy linen shopper. But how can we apply all of it to a wedding?

    Weddings seem like the most wasteful and non-consumer-friendly event ever! For this, you need to waste so much food which won’t be finished, purchase a dress which you’ll never wear again, dozens to hundreds of paper invitations, for one day only. But if you are an environmentalist, don’t worry! If there’s a will, there’s a way! We got some life hacks for you. 

    1. Invitations

    When it comes to invitation cards, we like to get creative. Unique designs pressed paper of different colors and textures, amazing fonts and little sweet innuendos in the invitation. Yes, these cards are separate art. But what stops you from having the same clever notes, only made of recycled paper? It doesn’t differ that much from a first-hand paper card. It has lots of benefits, and, most importantly, it’s environment-conscious. Eco-friendly and reusable cards are a must in 2020.

    Or, if you want to go completely waste-free, send a digital invitation card! With it, you can go even more creative. Ask a designer to make a unique, shimmering, glistening live invitation, make it as a short cartoon or a video. It could use so much creative potential, not even close to a paper card!

    2. Costumes and dresses

    As a bachelorette, you need to provide all your guests with a dress-code. If you are a “woke” lady, ask all of your friends to come to your wedding in sustainable dresses! Go thrift shopping or vintage shopping together, order your dresses on sustainable sites like Reformation or visit an Etsy store for that matter. You can order vintage rings there, too! Another perk of these costume choices is that none of your girlfriends will feel jealous or underdressed for the occasion since none of you will be too pompous or intimidatingly glamorous! 

    But if you want to be a traditional gal and purchase a proper wedding gown, you can search it in sustainable shops or just donate your dress to a thrift shop or charity. Come on, it will rest as a trophy in your house with no use. But if you give it away for a good cause, it’s a huge plus to your karma!

    3. Destination

    If you want a sustainable, eco-friendly wedding, a destination country would not be the best idea when you have dozens of friends. Flying them to another country can be too CO2 consuming. If you can, think of a good spot in your city or in the countryside that doesn’t need a lot of decorations. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. 

    Think about a good wedding venue. Plan a wedding on a beach or ranch, in the mountains or a ceremonial garden. Choose a place that’s either already decorated (like a public venue) or a natural space that doesn’t need a lot of pampering. 

    4. Food

    When it comes to wedding cuisine, the situation becomes hectic. Weddings are rather wasteful events, so you need to think properly before ordering canned or packed food. Support local farmers, buy organic and healthy food. Fancy your guests by preparing intricate and healthy meals, mix them with vegan snacks or choose veganism entirely if you’re comfortable. That way, your friends don’t run the risk of dating when overweight, and their tummies won’t ache from a wedding table. Use filtered water instead of buying gallons of bottled water. 

    If your guests left a lot of leftovers, donate this food to a charity or bring it home to share with your family. If you have a compost place nearby, bring all the leftovers to ensure zero waste.

    A zero-waste wedding is a challenge, but in the end, you understand that it was not only fun and regal, it was also good for mother nature. It is a healthy choice and if you are ready for it, ask your friends for eco-friendly gifts and have fun!

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