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Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Day On A Budget!

Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Day On A Budget!
Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Day On A Budget!


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    How to be romantic on a budget!

    • We are all super excited about Valentine’s Day, but not always super excited about the toll it takes on our wallets. Did you know? The average American will spend $147 on Valentine’s Day this year, according to a recent study done by USA Today. Just think what you could do with that money instead… It could be a new outfit, a day at the spa, or even a shopping spree. Today, we are going to show you how to save money on Valentine’s Day while still making it romantic.

    You gotta have flowers!

    • Flowers are an integral part of Valentine’s Day. This is definitely something you shouldn’t overlook or skip out on. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your special someone beautiful flowers. While roses are typically the flower associated with Valentine’s Day,  they can be extra expensive this time of year since they are not in season. If you are set on getting roses check out this great deal. You can score Two Dozen Roses for just $19.99 With Amazon Prime! If you’re not set on buying roses, you can save a ton of money by getting other types of flowers that are equally as beautiful but a fraction of the cost. My husband loves shopping at Costco for flowers, because they always have great sales.

    Candlelit Dinner for two!

    • After getting flowers, a romantic dinner for two is a must-have for every Valentine’s Day! While you could drop $150 for dinner out, there are less expensive ways to enjoy a romantic and intimate dinner. We recommend shopping on Groupon for deals at restaurants if you plan on eating out. Save anywhere from 20% off all the way up to 60% off in some cases at your favorite restaurants. The best way to save money on dinner is to make it yourself. This can be even more romantic than eating out, because you get to make what you want and eat whenever you want. If choosing to dine-in, we recommend eating someplace unconventional to make it feel more romantic and special. Try eating by the fireplace or on the balcony with a gorgeous view. You could even pack a romantic picnic and watch the sunset together. Click here to check out some great coupons for your DIY dinner plans.

    Make sure you bring a thoughtful gift!

    • Guys this one is mainly for you… Plan ahead and get some thoughtful that actually has meaning! Trust me, she will appreciate a thoughtful gift so much more than a last-second gift you picked up on your way home. You could even surprise her with some new jewelry from Zales! Score Diamond Accent Sterling Silver Pendants for only $29.99 Shipped! These normally sell for upwards of $120. Click here for more great Valentine’s Day deals. You can even take it to the next level by making a personalized gift for your sweetheart by hand. This would not only mean the world to them, but it would help you save money too! No matter what you end up choosing, give it some thought and find that perfect gift.

    Champagne & Candy

    • Two of my favorite “C” words! Both of them are extremely popular on Valentine’s Day and account for a huge portion of spending. It’s easy to drop $40 on chocolate and $80 on a nice bottle of champagne. Before you go spending all your money on chocolate check out these Candy Printable Coupons. You’ll also want to search Ibotta (a rebate app for your phone) to see what offers they have available for champagne and other alcohols. They have really good rebates for tons of alcohol that can help you save a good chunk of money. Planning ahead and checking these places over the next week will help you save lots of money!

    Now you’re ready!

    • Time to put all that stuff we just talked about into practice. How much do you think you could save??? Let’s just assume for a moment that you take our suggestions… So, you got the Two Dozen Roses Just $19.99 With Amazon Prime. That’s $20. Then you snag some Printable Coupons to help you plan a romantic DIY dinner for a whopping $20 after coupons. Now we’re up to $40. You could grab this deal for Diamond Accent Sterling Silver Pendants for only $29.99 Shipped or find another deal of equal value. Now, we’re up to $70. You could find a bottle of champagne and grab some candy for about $30 after using the Ibotta Rebates and Candy Printable Coupons. Without being very conservative on our spending, we only spent $100 on Valentine’s Day and got roses, a romantic dinner, a diamond necklace, champagne, and candy! That’s $47 less than the average American will spend this year… Now that’s some serious savings! You could definitely cut back on a few of those things to save even more money if you wanted. Now that you know some of our ideas on how to save money, we’d love to hear from you all about your ideas!
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