Pinecone Research: Now Accepting Applications!

Pinecone Research: Now Accepting Applications!
Pinecone Research: Now Accepting Applications!


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    If you are looking for a great survey company to start with, Pinecone Research is now accepting applications. This window never stays open long, so hurry. They pay $3 for every survey you complete and send checks out within days of completing.

    Also, if you haven’t signed up for MySurvey, this is another great company. I signed up with them in January and have a check in the mail! You can sign up for free here!

    These are two great ways to earn some extra cash!

    1. I always heard good things about mysurvey so I signed up awhile ago. I have gotten like 2 surveys and am nowhere near being able to get a check. Am I the only one that is not getting hardly any surveys?

      Also I signed up for pinecone and they accepted me but that was a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t received a survey or heard anything…I am not sure what is going on. When you do the surveys, do they send you a $3 check or do you have to get to a certain amount before they send out a check?

      • You know, I have only received a few surveys lately as well. Maybe they are in a slump? I don’t know. I haven’t applied to Pinecone because I am only now getting into doing surveys and signed up with just a couple to start. What about anyone else?

    2. My favorite is going to, and selecting “join consumer village.” I earn about $10-$15 in amazon bucks per month. They have a good incentive program. I have also had success with — if you just hang in there, and do the surveys with higher point value, it adds up. Through them, I was selected to be part of a panel where I earn $10 in amazon bucks every 6 weeks. I also have had success with e-rewards – they don’t give cash, but have rewards like Borders bucks or blockbuster coupons. Through e-rewards, I was selected to be part of a selective online community where I earn about 10-15 amazon dollars per month. I think it’s all about just hanging in there long enough to make it worth it!!

    3. Pinecone says that they are not accepting applications at this time. I even emailed them directly and was told the same thing 🙁

    4. Update: I just got my first survey from pinecone today. I also found out that you can receive the payment by check or paypal.

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