Part 9: How to Live on Less ~ Free Samples and Surveys

Part 9: How to Live on Less ~ Free Samples and Surveys
Part 9: How to Live on Less ~ Free Samples and Surveys


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    Free Samples

    When we first started our savings journey, I used to laugh at free sample offers. I mean, come on, you’d get some minuscule amount of a product to try. Big deal.

    Well, it is a big deal when you sign up for them consistently and they pop up in your mailbox daily. Even the smallest sample saves you 1 dose/serving. Not to mention that many of the samples are larger sizes than that. Besides, it’s fun to get stuff other than bills in your mailbox!

    Just this past month Mike received a Taylor Made 6 iron and 3 Taylor Made golf balls!


    We also signed up for some survey companies. I figured I might be able to earn a little extra money by doing them. Well, I was right.

    I set up a special email address for the survey companies I signed up with. This way, my main mailbox won’t get inundated with survey opportunities and updates.

    My favorite survey companies are MySurvey, Ipsos-Isay and InBox Dollars.


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