Part 6: How to Live on Less ~ Buying Clothes

Part 6: How to Live on Less ~ Buying Clothes
Part 6: How to Live on Less ~ Buying Clothes


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    When you have kids, you know how quickly they grow out of their clothes! Knowing how to buy clothes on the cheap can help you save a ton!

    One of our favorite ways to save money on clothes for our boys (and ourselves) is at thrift stores. We have our favorite store that always has tons of nice clothes. We take a trip there about 4 times a year and stock up. You can see how to choose a great thrift store here.

    If you don’t have a nice thrift store near you, you can try consignment shops as well. I have only really shopped at a couple but I know you can find some very good deals there as well. The prices aren’t quite as low as thrift stores, but the quality is usually very good.

    When Mike or I need something more specific, we love to shop at off-retail stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and some outlet stores. We have been able to find some great quality clothes at a fraction of the price!

    Check out online specials. I can’t tell you how many times we have found coupon codes for $10 off a $10 purchase where you can snag an article of clothing for close to free! These come and go very quickly so you have to check the site regularly to get in on them :).

    How do you save money on your family’s clothes?

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    1. And don’t forget Garage sales. Since kids grow out of their clothes so fast, they are usually in great shape and you can get a t-shirt, dress, or pair of shorts or pants for around 50 cents or better!

    2. I ALWAYS hit this one resale shop by my moms house, and never leave there without spending $50. However I’m talking one or two HUGE bags full and alot of designer name brands. Deifinatly go !
      Resale shops in my home town don’t really have much for me there. However we have often been known to head to the ones close to the college when school lets out. Those college kids will get rid of alot of furniture, desks, and househould items. Consignment shops by the colleges are good for designer clothes IF your small which well unfortunatly we are not. But GL on your finds !

    3. My daughter recently discovered a Mario Tricocci beauty school fairly close by. She recently went there and was very pleased.
      Everything they do a consultant listens before and afterwards you are inspected for your satisfaction. Can’t beat that or the prices.
      This week I got a number for a dental college fairly close by. I’m going to be calling there this week sometime for prices. How bad can they screw up on a cleaning LOL. Besides I’ve had REAL dentists put me in the emergency room in pain before. So you never know. But I’m going to check them out. No dental insurance for us

    4. I shop at consignment sales like JBF twice a year for kids clothes. I also follow to find all the good sales and coupon match ups for clothes, household and gifts. We save a ton.

    5. I love yard sales, and of course checking out blogs like this one helps with deals as well

    6. I shop consignment sales put on by local schools, mom groups and organizations. They’re usually twice a year (spring and fall) and sell good quality kids clothes, baby equipment and – sometimes – toys. They are also a great place to sell your kids’ old clothes, toys and equipment. We bought my son’s bedroom furniture (on sale, of couse) with our proceeds from the sales.

    7. All great tips! And definitely the garage sales and hand-me-downs (my poor children! haha!) Watching for things out of season and buying ahead is always great too. Just bought over $100 worth of clothes at Old Navy this week at 1/2 off clearances prices for only about $20!

    8. Clothing Swaps is how I have clothed my family for the last ten years. Free is always the best.

    9. When you are lucky enough to be part of a large extended family, passing along clothes also helps. I have a few sisters that we are all the same size. One of my sisters has expensive taste and is willing to pay big dollars for clothes that I am not. Fortunately she also marks them way cheap at our annual garage sale and I get name brand clothes for a couple dollars an item that are usually no more than a year or two old. I’ll even joke ahead of time with my sisters for the items I want when they are done with them. We also will loan each clothes for special occasions which save us money from having to buy an item we’ll only wear once. The cousins have also benefited from being from a large family with the children’s clothes being passed on also.

    10. There are actually clothes swap parties where I live. A large group of moms will get together, and bring clothing that meets a certain criteria (no stains, current style, washed/ironed), and lay out clothes by size, and everyone gets to ‘shop’ everyone else’s piles. This way you can get rid of the things you don’t need, but pick up new things for your kids as well. The person in charge is responsible for making sure the clothes still have life left, etc., so by the time everyone arrives, it is like a thrift store ready to walk through!

    11. In our town there is a day care that holds a resale twice a year for all things kids and babies. If you volunteer to work it you get to shop the day ahead and get at the deals before everyone else i know lots of other areas do this too

    12. We do all you guys mentioned…also yard sales, pass on to others, and less frequently buy bulk on Ebay if you know the seller pretty good. Another thing I have done is sold my own things at consignment shops to buy myself clothing or something else we need. Also, donate and get a receipt for tax right offs too

    13. Spent a few hours at MY favorite thrift store today (they size the clothes too – I don’t have time to shop at stores that don’t take their time to save some of mine).

      Today was 50% off clothing (yesterday was 30% off everything). I got my 20-month old several size 4T items (Her closet if FULL of her older sister’s clothes).

      christmas pajama set (was 3.99)
      2 darling shirts (were .69 ea)
      2 velour pants (were 1.49ea)
      1 sweatshirt/jacket (was 1.99)

      Disney princess “letterman” jacket – purple satin w/ denim (was 3.99)
      4th of July shirt (was .49)
      Jumping Beans l/s shirt with hearts (think valentine’s) (was .99)

      Plus, I got an Ann Taylor petite knit shirt for me (was 1.99) and 2 sweaters for my oldest (1 was Gymboree) (was 1.99ea).

      I walked out of there for just over $11. You can’t beat sale day at the thrift store – am I cheap, or what?! Yep, and darn proud of it!

    14. Great tips! I shop weekly at the Goodwill Outlet. Clothing items are purchased for $1.39 a pound. That includes shoes, belts, and handbags. The downside is that everything is laid out on tables that you have to search through. Luckily, it is located next door to Value Village, another great thrift store.

    15. I like to go to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store. My local Salvation Army does half off on Wednesday’s and sometimes on Saturday’s. 🙂 It’s great with having an active 10 1/2 year old daughter that has “school clothes” and “play clothes”.

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