Part 5: How To Live on Less ~ Shop Seasonally


Mike and I have learned that you can save quite a bit of money by shopping seasonally for certain items. This works for groceries as well as other types of products.

January – Watch for all the After-Christmas sales on wrapping paper, trees, bows and ribbons as well as gift packs. Exercise equipment and gym memberships can also be found at a good price for all the New Year’s resolutions.

February – Jewelry will go on sale in preparation for Valentines Day. Buy chocolates after Valentines Day when they are deeply discounted – just because the packaging is outdated – the chocolate isn’t.

March – Now that winter is coming to an end, now is the time to buy winter wear for next season. You will find great deals on vegetables and all the fixings for Easter Dinner at the grocery store – stock up now.

April – Small appliances will be on sale from now through June for both Mother’s Day and also June weddings.

May – Stock op on BBQ foods. You will find tons of sales at your grocery store for bbq sauce, charcoal and more. You can also find gift packs left over from Mother’s Day deeply discounted (perfumes, lotions and such). Save these for Christmas or an upcoming birthday.

June – You can find great deals on tools as well as recliners for Father’s Day.

July – Again, you will find great deals on barbeque type items at your grocery store. Stock up now while the price is right.

August – Stock up on all your school needs for the entire year now. You will need more than what is on your child’s list before the school year runs out. It is much better to buy that extra paper now for 10¢ than later for $2!

September – This is the best time to buy a car as the newer models are coming out. I have always bought cars on the last weekend of the month as some sales-people are trying to meet their quotas and will be more willing to make a better deal. This is also a good time to look for outdoor patio furniture as it is end of season.

October – Larger appliances like TVs and refrigerators will go on sale in preparation for newer models. You will also find sale on furniture around this time as the weather gets cooler and people are looking at staying inside more.

November – Now is a great time to pick up costumes for any occasion as well as candy and chocolates. There will be sales for Thanksgiving meals so stock up on the stuffing and canned vegetables while they are at their lowest.

December – Fall and winter are great times to buy bikes and toys. You can also find good deals on Gas Grills in the off season.
Thanks in part to:The Digerati Life, Smart Money, WTSP’s Janie Porter

Stay tuned for Part 6 on buying clothing.

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Part 5: How To Live on Less ~ Shop Seasonally
Part 5: How To Live on Less ~ Shop Seasonally
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  1. They used to But on Valentines day, Sweetest Day ect the jewelry stores woutd have the “learder” item. Used to be like $40 for a decent ring valued over $100 so they say. Anyways I would by thiese for my daughter during those times and save till Christmas. Just a hint too.

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