Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (14 Pack)+Laundry Bag & Travel Bag $11.99 (REG $24.88)

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Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (14 Pack)+Laundry Bag & Travel Bag,2 Sizes:3.9/4.7inch Option – Washable & Reusable Nursing Pads(Large,Daytime Use) is now available at for just $11.99 (REG $24.88) (As of 21 March 2019, 20:18 PST – Details) with $12.89 (52%) Savings.

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Size: Large | Color: Daytime Use

  • ECO FRIENDLY BAMBOO is Natural, Antibacterial and Super Soft against Your Skin to ensure nipples are protected.Wegreeco breastfeeding pads are natural and always the very highest quality ones.
  • ABSORBENT Middle Layer microfiber provide maximum absorbency ensures no leaking at night.The Outer layer back side TPU lamination can efficiently prevent leakage and keep wet away from mama bra or clothes.Cheaper cotton or polyester nursing pads may NOT have the waterproof TPU as outer layer.Great for avoiding night time puddles and day time embarrassing leaks.
  • Reusable and Washable breastfeeding pads are smart and excellent choice for nursing mothers.Full confidence for maximum comfortable.
  • Washable Nursing pads are reusable and recycle.Save money on these washable and reusable pads and parents can save Dollars when choosing the resuable pads.Wegreeco Nursing pads are designed for smart, eco-conscious parents who want to give their children the best and also good for the environment protection.
  • Each set comes in 14pcs nursing pads + 1 pc Laundry bag + 1 pc travel storage bag.

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (14 Pack)+Laundry Bag & Travel Bag,2 Sizes:3.9/4.7inch Option – Washable & Reusable Nursing Pads(Large,Daytime Use)

Wegreeco strives to make things that save money, and reducing the amount of trash a family produces. We are on a mission to bring more reusable products into homes by making them practical and beautiful.
When you buy and use a reusable product, you are showing your children how to care for the world they will inherit.

  Customers’ Favorite Nursing Pads:

  • Softer & Comfortable
  • Breathable & Hygiene
  • Natural & Leak-proof
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Convenience & Durability


Health & Comfortable Breastfeeding 

Breastfeeding is a wonderful and rewarding experience, it does come with some unpleasant side effects like sore nipples,controlling your milk letdown reflex, prevent thrush or other infections grow in the nipple area. Wegreeco understand the challenges facing nursing moms today, our Bamboo nursing pads are gentle on sore nipples. We devote to find a perfect solution to help moms stay a easier healthy and comfortable life, making the difference in preventing you from giving up on nursing. You need to keep the area clean so as not to cause you further, more serious problems, inhibiting or maybe blocking your nursing your child. Even if you choose not to breastfeed you may still need nursing pads while you are pregnant until your breast stop making milk.

Most likely each time after you breastfeed, you will end up with a sore and sensitive nipple. It’s important to choose a breast pad that is comfortable to wear since you will be wearing it throughout the day. Wegreeco nursing pads use all natural fabrics as part of its ecological & social responsibility, they are effective and provide highly absorbency to ensure no leaking on your bra or clothing, keeping you comfortable between feedings or pumping sessions. They are compared to the smoothness of your baby’s skin, especially soft and soothing for chafed or sore nipples and sensitive skin of nursing mothers. Keeping the area clean and healthy for your baby’s mouth. An ideal natural option for moms, babies and the planet!

High Quality & Absorption

You’ll have them on almost 24/7 so they need to be more comfortable, not scratchy and hot. Our breast pads are made from durable bamboo fabric and it is hypoallergenic as well as naturally anti-bacterial, extremely breathable, the dry layer whisks away moisture, you will feel dry all the time – Perfect for mom with sensitive skin. Better than cotton for touching delicate breast skin and nipples.

Bamboo dries 3 or 4 times faster and durable than cotton – The faster it dries, the more comfortable you will feel, don’t feel cold and clammy when wet. They can be used with or without your favorite nipple creams for ultimate comfort providing instant, cooling pain relief, protecting nipples from friction caused by clothing, helping heal sore nipples, so you can continue to breastfeed. Multi-layer, breathable material locks in leaks without irritation. They are right protection for every new mother’s needs. Order 1 or more packs for your more comfort and protection!

Fully Milk-Proof Backing
Breastfeeding is beautiful, but leaks and lines are not! Our reusable reusable nursing pad has a custom-designed absolutely leak-proof backing preventing milk from leaking through! While you might think all nursing pads are the same but better pads can help you to soak up the leaking breast milk. No public embarrassing leakages anymore. The outer layer is available for you in 7 different fun colours to fit all your different need and taste,they are are less visible through your shirt.

Stay In Place Well
An adorable shape which actually fits in your bra really well, shape and it fits nicely in a bra.It’s important to wear a nursing pad that can stay still in your bra. They won’t slip and cause discomfort as you go about your daily work. Feel Safe and Stay Good Looking All Day.

Time of Change Nursing Pads
If you leave them in too long, you run the risk of smelling like spoiled milk. If you leak a little, you may be okay with changing them twice a day. If you leak more, keep in mind that, it’s a good idea to keep your nipples dry by changing them as soon as the pads get wet.

You had better change the breast pads for a fresh clean pad, every few hours, even if they are not soaked. Leaving a pad on too long can lead to leaking or a breast infection and bacteria love the dark, moist conditions.


Security & Airy 
Cloth nursing pads are made of natural fibers, which provide better air circulation, a necessary to aid in the sore nipple healing process. They are easy to wash and dry – easily with your baby’s clothes. If you have more children in the future, you already have the nursing pads,they are designed to last.

Many disposable nursing pads contain absorbent chemicals, you will be putting directly against your skin. They also lack proficient air circulation, which can lead to discomfort and trapped moisture. Breast infections thrive in moist environments, so if you are heavy leaky, you will go through a lot of disposable pads, which is inconvenient.

The natural nursing pads for helping in conservation of the resources like not adding to the overflowing landfill, which is great for preventing air, water, and land pollution.

Care Instructions:
It is advisable to wash the nursing pads and inserts before use. This will loosen the fibers, increasing its capacity to absorb. Always wash in cool water and place flat to dry. The more you wash the better the absorbent. No need to use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Bamboo will actually get softer and softer with each wash! For washing your nursing nads you just put them into your the mesh bag. This prevents them from getting lost in the laundry and when dry it is also a great way to store them.

An Awesome Baby Shower Gift for New Mommies:

14 Pc of 7 cute colors pads with net Laundry Bag & adorable Travel Bag in one package, you can’t think of a better baby shower gift for a mommy to be, and receiver will love your amazing ,caring and considerate gift. Once Mommies try them they won’t look back.

Travel Carry Bag & Practical Laundry Bag

Bamboo Nursing Pads include an cute and Waterproof carry bag for easy storage and discretion. The hand wash bag as needed/lay flat to dry. Breast pad to buy for always-on-the-go moms and also commonly use by many breastfeeding mothers due to it convenience. Take Your Nursing Pads With You Wherever You Go.

Instructions for Use & Perfect Fit :

They can be worn with a regular or nursing bra. Place soft (looped) bamboo side against your breast, with a waterproof layer (flat) next to bra. Change pads frequently to prevent moisture.

These nursing pads are available in diameters of 3.9 inches (best for A to C cups) and 4.7 inches (best for C cups and larger), big enough for women with fuller-sized breasts. Make your selection on the upper right!

Precise Stitching & Durable

Wegreeco takes great attention on Quality and Durability. All of the washable nursing pads are precise stitching and quality interior & exterior fabric, these make breastfeeding pads durable and ready to take the abuse of casual wear, accidents, play, and can withstand numerous washings, and last long long.

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