Oreo Easter Chocolate Treat Size Candy Bars $4.19 (REG $10.10)


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    Oreo Easter Chocolate Treat Size Candy Bars – 10.2oz Bag is now available at Amazon.com for just $4.19 (REG $10.10) (As of 25 April 2019, 13:53 PST – Details) with $5.91 (59%) Savings.

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    • Oreo Cookie bits and milk chocolate candy come together in this incredibly decadent candy bar.
    • Premium milk chocolate candy surrounds a vanilla creme center filled with deliciously crunchy Oreo Cookie bits.
    • The individually wrapped treat-size candy bars are ideal for Easter baskets, egg hunts, parties, and more.
    • These delectable chocolate candy bars are a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life–and are perfect for enjoying all on your own.
    • This order includes one 10.2 oz bag of treat size Easter Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars. one 10.2oz bag contains 19 individual fun size Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars.

    Simplify your to-do-list this Easter with treat size versions of OREO Chocolate Candy Bars. OREO chocolate mini candy bars combine the classic taste of OREO cookie bits with indulgent chocolate candy, creating a unique sweet sensation any sweets lover will adore. These chocolate bars come in small, fun size packs that are ideal for school or church parties and make great Easter basket stuffers. With 24 individually wrapped treats, the possibilities are endless. And no one will judge if you want to keep a few for yourself!

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