MyPureMist Handheld Steam Inhaler -$70 (53% Off)

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$70.00 $150
MyPureMist Handheld Steam Inhaler -$70 (53% Off)
MyPureMist Handheld Steam Inhaler -$70 (53% Off)
$70.00 $150


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Walmart is currently offering MyPureMist Handheld Steam Inhaler for just $70.00 you are saving $80 (53% Off) on this purchase. . Free delivery
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Product Details
MyPurMist reinvented steam delivery by creating a unique micro fine mist that penetrates deep into your nose, sinuses, and throat for superb relief. The steam delivery is direct and targeted where maximum humidity is delivered directly to where you need it most. The soothing steam penetrates deep into your respiratory system to provide fast symptom relief for sinus congestion, allergies, colds/flu, dryness, and breathing conditions. Experience 100% humidification that works immediately to soothe and relieve these symptoms with MyPurMist!
Unique fine mist that goes deep – Provides superior relief
Instant steam for fast relief – No waiting
99.9999% germ-free mist
No boiling water – No risk of scalding
Safe 105 – 115 F temperature range
Handheld, portable, and lightweight
Automatic drying cycle – No cleanup
Patented CFV hospital technology
100% natural – It’s just water vapor!
MyPureMist Handheld Steam Inhaler
Health Concern: Allergy Allergy, Sinus

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