My Survey – Earn Cash and Rewards!!

My Survey – Earn Cash and Rewards!!
My Survey – Earn Cash and Rewards!!


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    My Survey is now accepting new members!

    With My Survey, you can earn rewards from taking surveys. Membership is free.

    I don’t know how long this window for sign-ups will be open. So, sign up now if you are interested.

    Here are what some of our readers have to say:

    This is my favorite survey site, the surveys are generally easy & you can get paid with Paypal which comes quickly.” LAS

    I love this site!! I’ve been a memeber for a while now!! I have gotten picked for several surveys to test out products and really enjoying doing so! Never had a problem with anything. I have cashed out my points to get an exercise video and also cashed out for cash through Paypal. Totally recommend it!” Kaini

    I love this site. The first couple months were slower but now seem to to qualify more. I tend to make $10-$15 every 3 weeks. I get the Amazon gift cards – stockpiling for Christmas!” Jennifer

    1. I need extra cash, to help me out.

    2. Still one of my favorite Survey sites to go to, you earn points really fast and I have been getting numerous things to try and tell =)Cashing out through PayPal is very easy too!!

    3. I just signed up with them last week. Hopefully, will make some cash.

    4. I have been a member of MySurvey for a little while now and I have recieved an Amazon E-Card which is helping to pay my college textbooks! Love it!

    5. This is a great survey site! I have done a few product tests & I have used my points to get gift cards for my family to go out to eat!

    6. This is one of the best survey sites to join. My favorite!

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