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Mr. Beer 60951 American Lager Beer Refill Kit, 2 Gallons $10.99 (REG $18.99)


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    Mr. Beer 60951 American Lager Beer Refill Kit, 2 Gallons is now available at Amazon.com for just $10.99 (REG $18.99) (As of 27 March 2019, 18:23 PST – Details) with $8.00 (42%) Savings.

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    American Lager possess a rich golden color, medium body and full malt flavor, balanced with a very mild bitterness. Lager lovers will appreciate the subtle finishing hop aroma. Refill includes: BrewMax Booster, robust brewer’s yeast, carbonation drops, and a no-rinse cleanser. The Product is manufactured in Australia.

    Mr. Beer 60951 American Lager Beer Refill Kit, 2 Gallons

    Brew Beer in 30 Minutes or Less

    Mr. Beer’s straight forward brewing process removes the difficult aspects of homebrewing and simplifies the process without compromising on quality. Instead of spending 9 hours brewing beer from scratch you can brew with Mr. Beer in less than 30 minutes so you have more time for fun stuff, like drinking beer.

    Created by Master Brewers

    Mr. Beer is the only homebrewing company that is owned by a brewery. Cooper’s Brewery is Australia’s largest craft brewery bringing 150 years of brewing expertise to your Mr. Beer Kit. Each Mr. Beer Refill Kit has been designed by Master Brewers to help ensure you are getting one of the best quality.

    Brew Countless Beer’s with Mr. Beer

    Mr. Beer offers a wide variety of beers to choose from. From lights to darks, hoppy to non-hoppy, fruity to non-fruity well, you get the picture. Mr. Beer has over 100 different refills and recipes to choose from so you will have plenty to brew for a long, long time.

    Mix Brewing Extract, Water & Yeast

    It’s simple to get started brewing with your Mr. Beer Kit. Take your can of Brewing Extract created by our Master Brewers, mix it in water to create your wort and then add your yeast and let it sit. That’s it, seriously.


    Once you’re done mixing your beer and after you add your yeast the fermentation process begins. This is where the yeast will eat up all those sugars in your wort which will create the delicious beer you have been waiting for.

    Bottle and Carbonate

    Bottling your beer is simple with Mr. Beer. With our unique fermenter you can dispense the beer right into your bottles without any added equipment. Then you add your priming sugar and wait for the carbonation process to end.

    Chill & Enjoy

    The best part about brewing your own beer is drinking your own beer. You put in your time, sweat and possibly tears into your beer now drink it and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Cheers.


    Brewing with Hopped Malt Extract

    Mr. Beer’s Hopped Malt Extract’s are perfect for any brewer. From beginners to Master Brewers brewing with Malt Extract is perfect for any skill set. Our Hopped Malt Extracts take your brewing day from 6-9 hours down to 30 minutes or less. You also don’t need a ton of extra equipment, everything you need can be found in your kitchen. All of our Malt Extracts are created by Master Brewers from Coopers Brewery in Australia so you will always be making brewery quality beer in your home.



    Mr. Beer’s American Lager Refill

    Mr. Beer’s St. Patrick’s Irish Stout produces a beer that is an authentic blend of grainy roasted malt, malted barley and hops. This is a rich, dark brew exhibiting coffee and chocolate aromas, a perfectly balanced, roasted bitter character and dry finish.




    We know life can be hard, so brewing beer should be easy! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Mr.Beer Kit feel free to contact us so we can make it right for you. Mr.Beer is all about simple brewing, smart solutions, and flavorful beer.


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