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Monthly Shopping Updates…

Monthly Shopping Updates…
Monthly Shopping Updates…


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    I just wanted to check in with you and see how you all are doing with your budgets this month? Are you still on track – or did something ‘super cool’ catch your eye and throw you a little off?

    Well, I can say that we are still on track, but by a very narrow margin this month. My stockpile is not very high right now and I keep finding myself out of things – ugh. I hate it when that happens!

    Anyway, here is my breakdown for April so far:

    Publix – Spent $70.38 (saved $69.54) – which, by the way, my son finally found my receipt yesterday. It has returned from the Bermuda Triangle…lol. Evidently it slid out of the bag and under one of the seats in the car.

    Albertsons -Spent $105.57 (saved $98.04) – I stocked up on meat during this trip. they had a lot of good sales.

    CVS – Spent $8.59 (saved $15.44) – $5.99 ECBs back

    This puts me at $178.55 for the first 12 days of April. Since our grocery budget is $400 per month, I am still on track.

    1. I think i’m at where you are right now, although i need to add what i spent into the books, but we are on track so far this month, the past 2 have been over by some, but i have cut back on spending as well, so i think that it is helping alot.

    2. THANKS!! This is my favorite site and could not save this much without you. I try to of course save the best I can. Pretty much to my goal is to be approx. $150 a week. I’m pretty right on unless something good comes up. LOL This is only what I spent and what was COUPON savings, not the added savings of things on sale. Here is my list.
      TOTAL SPENT $263.85 COUPON SAVINGS $485.54
      K-Mart $122.32 $184.09
      Hilander $67.92 $136.95
      Country Market $11.08 $117.00
      Walgreens $22.63 $41.50
      Dollar General 38 cents $6.00
      Wal-Mart $9.52 zero

    3. oooops forgot to say or type…..I had to buy some coupons I didn’t go look exactly but think I spent approx $30.00 buying coupons I DID add that in my SPENT total already tho.

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