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Make Doing Laundry Easier With These 10 Ideas!

Make Doing Laundry Easier With These 10 Ideas!
Make Doing Laundry Easier With These 10 Ideas!


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    Laundry. We all have it and most of us hate doing it. Adding kids to the mix makes it exponentially more difficult, as the variety of stains skyrockets. If you need a fresh perspective on laundry, check out these 10 tips to make your next load of laundry a little easier! Be sure to sign-up for our emails to get the latest tips, tricks, deals, and more delivered right to your inbox!

    Wash Socks In Mesh Laundry Bag
    I can’t tell you how many socks I have lost in the laundry. No really, I have no idea! One way to keep track of all your socks is to wash them in a mesh laundry bag. This keeps them all in one place and gives you peace of mind. You can buy one on Amazon!


    Make Your Own Laundry Soap
    It may sound intimidating, but I have been making my own laundry detergent for the last two years and I love it. It smells great, works super well, and is cheap to make! Check out how we did it here.


    Get Makeup Stains Out With Shaving Cream
    We’ve all done it – accidentally gotten makeup on our favorite outfit. But, there is hope! You can help get those stains out by pretreating them with shaving cream. I just grab mine out of the shower and dab a little bit onto the spot. Let it sit for a little while and then just throw it in the wash! Easy!


    Use A Dry-Erase Marker On Your Machine To Make Lists
    My kids and husband likes to help with laundry, but sometimes it can be a disaster. One easy way to guide them is by using a Dry-Erase Marker on your washer/dryer. Putting a quick list of NOs on them can save you some headache and some cash later. Wish I had thought of this last week…….


    Use Baby Powder To Get Out Oil Stains
    90% off the stains in my kids’ clothes are from food. Any easy way I discovered to get out oil stains is with baby powder! It soaks up the oil and makes for easy cleaning. Let it soak overnight to the best results.


    Get Wrinkles Out With Ice Cubes
    This one through me for a loop. Get your clothes wrinkle-free by putting in ice cubes in the dryer for about 15 min. The heat melts the ice and creates steam to get the wrinkles out of your clothes! Genius!


    Replace Dryer Sheets With A Fabric Softener-Soaked Towel
    If you want to save some money and go a little greener, check this out. Soak a small towel in fabric softener. Let is dry completely and then throw it in the dryer with your clothes like normal!


    Get Rid Of Armpit Stains With Lemon & Baking Soda
    This trick will get some clothes out of the yard sale pile! Squeeze fresh or concentrated lemon juice, water, and baking soda onto the stain and rub the mixture in. Allow the shirt to dry out in the sun for extra stain-removing power. My hubby has several shirts like this that I can save!


    Clean Your Iron With Dryer Sheets
    If you do a lot of ironing, you may notice sooner than later that your iron doesn’t stay clean by itself. An easy way to clean it is by ironing on dryer sheets. This will trap the dirt and gunk on your iron and leave it nice and clean! Great! I’m doing this sometime this week!


    Get Out Paint Stains With Rubbing Alcohol
    Don’t fret about art class anymore! Get out acrylic paint stains on anything! Soak the area with paint on it with rubbing alcohol. Be generous with it. As the alcohol lifts the stain, use your fingernail or a scraper to gently get the paint off. Once you are satisfied, let it dry and then wash it normally. This is great! My kids love to paint!

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