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Magnesium Oil Spray – Large 12oz Size – Extra Strength $13.97 (REG $39.97)

Magnesium Oil Spray – Large 12oz Size – Extra Strength $13.97 (REG $39.97)
Magnesium Oil Spray – Large 12oz Size – Extra Strength $13.97 (REG $39.97)


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    Magnesium Oil Spray – Large 12oz Size – Extra Strength – 100% Pure for Less Sting – Less Itch – Natural Pain Relief & Sleep Aid – Essential Mineral Source is now available at Amazon.com for just $13.97 (REG $39.97)(As of 13 April 2020, 16:29 PST – Details) with $26.00 (65%)Savings. FREE Shipping. on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon. 

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    • EASES PAIN Using magnesium oil spray reduces body aches, headaches, restless legs, muscle spasms and menstrual pain.
    • NATURAL SLEEP AID Oil of magnesium calms the body and mind naturally to prepare for sleep.
    • HAIR, SKIN AND NAIL IMPROVEMENT Topical magnesium chloride oil also improves the health of teeth, gums and can promote better functionality of organs.
    • TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM OIL is the best way to get magnesium delivered to the body at a cellular level. As it is already in its liquid, ionic state, there is no need for the body to process it.
    • ESSENTIAL MINERAL FOUND IN MAGNESIUM OIL 2 out of 3 individuals have a magnesium deficiency and don’t know it. We need magnesium to metabolize fatty acids and proteins and can get it through magnesium oil.
    magnesium oil spray
    hair skin & improvement

    essential mineral found in magnesium

    Do you find yourself suffering from persistent insomnia? Do restless legs keep you awake all night, unable to stop them from moving in order to get a little shut-eye? Do migraines plague you, or do you have relentless menstrual cramps every month? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiencies affect a surprising number of the population due to its limited sources in food, but now there is a more efficient way to get magnesium into the body: magnesium chloride oil. With the Essentially Based 100% Pure Magnesium Oil spray, you are allowing magnesium to soak into the skin and immediately head straight for your cells due to the ionic state it has been mined in. This means that the body doesn’t have to work at all to process it, making it the best way to get magnesium into the body. Not only does it help with aches and ailments mentioned above, it can support better health of hair, skin, nails, teeth, gums and even your most vital organs to help improve the health of these aspects of your body. It serves as an all natural sleep aid that relaxes the body and mind before bed, helping you to unwind for a restful nights sleep. At 3575 milligrams an ounce, this magnesium oil spray delivers a powerful punch that is safe for daily use. Effective and efficient, you can reap all of the benefits of magnesium oil while also providing the body with a much needed mineral with only a brief spray to the skin. Order your Essentially Based 100% Pure Magnesium Oil today and begin to promote a healthier body with the simple application of a spray.

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