Kano Computer Kit Touch – Build and code a tablet $167.99 (REG $279.99)

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Kano Computer Kit Touch – Build and code a tablet is now available at Amazon.com for just $167.99 (REG $279.99) (As of 21 February 2019, 18:36 PST – Details) with $112.00 (40%) Savings.

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  • All in one box. Step-by-step book, 10.1′” Hd screen, Raspberry Pi 3, battery, DIY speaker, wireless keyboard, case and stand, memory, 3 USB ports, HDMI and power cables, sound sensor, stickers, Kano unique operating system.
  • Learn to code with 100+ Creative challenges and stories.
  • Make art, games and music. Hack Minecraft to do something new.
  • Play with Google’s song Maker. Browse the internet, watch YouTube, write stories, 100+ apps.
  • Endless play with Kano world. Remix 500, 000+ creations Made by the Kano community.Wifi: 802.11n Wireless LAN.
  • For ages 6+. no technical knowledge required. Includes Lifetime care and 1 year Warranty.

Kano Computer Kit Touch – Build and code a tablet



Learn to code on a tablet you build yourself. 100+ step-by-step creative challenges and stories show you how. Make art, music, and games. Create with voice, and sound projects. Don’t just play Minecraft, hack it to do something new. Make, share, and play with the Kano community.

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Build it yourself

Open the box, pop out the pieces. Follow the book, build your own tablet, all by yourself. Connect the touchscreen, battery, USB ports, speaker, sound sensor, and more. Browse the internet, use your favorite apps like YouTube, Whatsapp, Google Docs, and more.

Learn to code

With simple steps, learn logic, Python, Javascript, and Terminal commands. Level up as you make art, games, and music. Your first steps into making your own websites, games, and more. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.

Make art, music, games

Code pictures, build animations, and make musical masterpieces. Don’t just play games, change the rules. Take control of Minecraft, Pong and Snake. Play with voice, sound, and touch projects. Compose with Google’s Song Maker.

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Earn rewards

Level up as you complete challenges and make new creations. Unlock medals, discover hidden rewards. Compete with friends.

Playground mode

There’s no end to what you can make. Create your own art, games, music, Minecraft powers, and more with the skills you’ve learned.

Kano World

Join our free creative community. People of all skill levels, all over the world sharing and playing art, music, games and more. Safe and friendly.

Remix 700,000+ creations

See the code behind any creation, then tweak it to make it your own. Change the colors, mess with the math, hack the data.


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