Jumpi 3-in-1 Cordless Car Vacuum, Jumpstarter, and Power Bank $85 (REG $150)


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    High-powered antibacterial car vacuum with pro-grade jumper cables and an emergency power bank all in one package. Fits under your seat or in the glove compartment. Jumper cables are low-voltage and safe for all drivers. Power bank charges any USB-compatible device. Jumpi is available now at jumpilabs.com for 43% off ($65.00 in savings).

    • Compact and Cordless: Store under a seat or in a glove compartment and clean with ease. Jumpi fits in the palm of your hand and weighs the same as an iPad.
    • Industry-Leading Suction: 700 amps of pure suction power can pick up large debris, tangled hair, and even bacteria from all surfaces in just one pass.
    • Antibacterial Coating: Keep your hands clean while you vacuum. Jumpi stays 100% clean no matter how dirty the job.
    • Precision Attachment Included: Better reach and concentrated suction helps you clean the tightest spaces with ease. Clean your whole car from the driver’s seat.
    • Pro-Grade Jumper Cables: Coated and insulated cables and spark-proof clamps are built for confident use in any conditions.
    • Mistake-Proof Jumper: Low-voltage cables protect the car and the driver. Jumpi’s power pack jumps the battery, so you don’t need another car present. Powerpack holds 10 jumps per charge.
    • Fast Charging Power Bank: Charge any USB-compatible device twice as fast as standard chargers. Power bank holds enough juice to charge your phone to full power 2.5 times.

    Staying safe, clean, and comfortable on the road has never been easier. Jumpi is a cordless vacuum packed with all the safety features you need for peace of mind behind the wheel.

    Jumpi’s high-powered antibacterial vacuum makes an attractive addition to any vehicle. Its sleek black colour and bullet design blend well with any style. When it’s time to sweep, its large open-mouth suction chamber picks up anything in its path with little effort. An extra-large handle ensures optimal maneuverability so you can easily clean from a seated position.

    Jumpi delivers a full-car clean in minutes, making it a great accessory for:

    • Uber drivers
    • Business travellers
    • Commuters
    • Students
    • Parents
    • Pet owners

    In an emergency, you need to have the right tools and use them confidently. Jumpi makes that happen. Grab Jumpi at a moment’s notice and you’ll be ready to jump your battery or charge your devices and get in touch with the authorities in an instant. You’ll never have to second-guess yourself. Jumpi’s jumper cables are so easy to use that they require zero experience, making Jumpi a great gift for young drivers. Jumpi can jumpstart batteries of gas and diesel-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs.

    How to Use Jumpi

    • Cordless Vacuum: Simply grab the vacuum by the handle and turn it on. It practically does the work itself. To clean hard-to-reach places, clip the precision attachment into the suction mouth.
    • Jumpstarter: Detach the power pack from the base of the vacuum and clip on the jumper cables. Attach the jumper clamps to the dead battery, press the button on the power pack, and start your engine.
    • Power Bank: Detach the power bank from the base of Jumpi. Plug your device’s charger into the USB input on the power bank.

    Buy Jumpi for 43% Off Today

    Jumpi is on sale for a limited time to celebrate its launch. But these rates will only apply to the first batch of Jumpi vacuums off the factory floor. Take 43% off your Jumpi today ($65 in savings) at jumpilabs.com.

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