It’s in the Mail…

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Here’s what we had in our mail today…

Zone Perfect bar
Swiffer Duster
Women’s Heath
Everyday with Rachael Ray
Sports Illustrated

What has your postman brought you lately?

  1. i got my 15 dollars spa gift card from dove, shampoo,and a few other things, i get so much, i forget ….so it is like christmas everyday,was very happy when i got the 15 dollar gift card from dove, dont ever remember doing it,but i worked ,cause i used it at cvs…love to make free $$$on the web…

  2. i just got my tide free samples yesterday and some similac free samples along with a 1saleaday lock

  3. got my swiffer today thought that thing would never come lol also rachel ray mag, fish oil from natures bounty and runway mag

  4. I got my swiffer duster, 2 toilet paper roll holders, a coupon for a free jumbo pk of pull- ups (huggies rewards), pull- ups flushable wipes with a $2 coupon, 2 coupons for a free game of bowling. i would say it was a good day!! 🙂

  5. Two free Tombstone Pizza coupons from the Hasbro game rebate, rebate check from Renpure and Rachel Ray magazine

  6. My FREE mini-book from MyPublisher that I made last week. My daughter LOVED it.

  7. My FREE mini-book from MyPublisher that I made last week. My daughter LOVED it.

  8. Everyday there is a surprise in my mailbox!!! I love it. Today I got my free Bacardi T shirt and a coupon for a free box of Ritz Crackers!!! Woohoo!

  9. Yesterday, I got my Purex with Zout Sample as well as a coupon for it.

  10. Been a busy week here with the mail, Sample of dry dog food from Rachel Ray, 1 qt paint from Benj. Moore, Alpo canned dog food, Playtex sport sample, carefree sample……….. nice to get something besides bills in the mail!!

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