How to Choose Men’s Silver Fashion Rings


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    With its unparalleled luster and timeless appearance, silver is the right noble metal for any gentleman’s jewelry collection. A silver ring does more than make a fashion statement. It can add a touch of allure to a man’s appearance while boosting their confidence to showcase their style. However, with the different silver alloys available today, choosing the best fashion ring for a loved one is becoming challenging. Then, what factors must you consider when making a selection for men’s fashion rings? Here are a few tips to guide you.

    Choose from the Different Silver Alloys

    Jewelers alloy silver with other metals like copper to improve its sturdiness. The reason is, in its pure state, silver is soft and can easily damage if worn daily. Although it tarnishes when exposed to hydrogen sulfide or worn over time, protective pouches can help maintain them. Here are some of the best alloys used in crafting silver fashion rings today.

    Sterling Silver

    Rings made from this alloy comprise 92.5% of pure silver. But the remaining 7.5% is copper or other metal. Online stores label them as 925 sterling silver, which suggests that it has 925 parts of silver, while the remaining 75parts is a different metal. The quality mark can also read .925 or S925. These markings should not confuse you. They are a simple indication of how many parts of silver make up the jewelry. If you are looking for something to wear regularly, sterling silver is the best option because it is lightweight and durable.

    Mexican Silver

    Like sterling silver, jewelers can alloy 95% silver with other metals (5%) to make this beautiful piece of jewelry. Jewelers do not widely use this alloy when making rings. However, people have different needs. So, if you are looking for something that matches your culture or one that is unique, have it custom made with Mexican silver. Jewelers plate these rings with rhodium to give them a sparkly white finish that entices the eye.

    Britannia Silver

    Though more valuable than sterling silver because it is 95.84% silver, Britannia silver is not widespread. There are very few rings made from this alloy. Therefore, jewelers prefer sterling silver over Britannia because the former is more durable than the other even when worn daily.

    Settle on the Best Design


    Most men prefer a plain design yet modern and sleek with a timeless and masculine appearance. Icecarats has a broad collection of designs for men’s fashion ring that buyers can select. Your selection is dependent on the occasion. Some designs accentuate Father’s Day while other designs are appropriate for weddings. However, most men’s silver rings emphasize a man’s style, such as the sterling silver eagle men’s band. You can achieve a lot with silver rings. Your imagination, combined with the jeweler’s craftmanship, can produce a marvelous and elegant ring that makes the perfect present to your spouse. But if a custom-made silver ring is beyond your budget, select from the available designs.

    Know your Budget

    Silver rings are more affordable as compared to other noble metals like gold and platinum. With as low as $50 to $300, you can get a unique and fashionable ring at Icecarats that gives you a flamboyant style while maintaining a masculine feel. Silver rings do not need a long-term budget like engagement rings and wedding bands.

    Altogether, sterling silver rings are the best for men. Their remarkable luster, durability, affordability, and prestige give them a modern and masculine appearance yet a sleek and timeless look. Though, with the crafting of new alloys such as Argentum, sterling silver will not be the only option. Think about all you can accomplish with a ring that does not oxidize. But presently, a sterling silver ring is your best choice.

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