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    Once in a lifetime, everyone requires some medical treatment or medicines to support his or her health. It may be vitamins and supplements, the arthritis gel, or pain-reliever. There is also a clear understanding that at least one family member requires some medicines regularly. So, when it comes to shopping at the pharmacy, there is always a question on how to reduce the cost of the medicines or even get some free stuff. Today we will talk about the opportunities to save on shopping at Walgreens. Here we go!

    Get Prepared for Shopping

    If you want to save on your purchases at Walgreens, you have to make some preparations and plan your expenses in advance. In many pharmacy chains, they announce regular sales of medicines, which are easy to find on the official websites. For example, you can view Walgreens circular online as soon as you plan to do some shopping. There is always something you can buy for a first-aid kit in advance, such as vitamins, flu medications, plasters, etc.

    If you like Walgreens and you often buy medicines there, then it will be beneficial to participate in a loyalty program. So, you get a discount or you can pay for the purchases with bonuses. However, there is always much more opportunities for clients:

    1) Weekly ads
    Every week, Walgreens updates its advertisements offering a huge variety of medicines for a favorable price. For example, you can get 50% off on various supplements, follow the news about the BOGO offers, and save on prescriptions.

    2) Coupons
    With coupons, you can save from $1 to $10 on a product, which sometimes means getting it for almost free. You can also combine the store and manufacturer coupons and get maximum benefits. However, do not forget that you can use only 1 coupon per item. For example, you can buy $1 Cough pills by using a $1 coupon and get it completely for free.

    3) BOGO
    Buy-one-get-one-free is a very popular option to get some stuff for $0. There are always some items that participate in this promotion. For example, if you purchase 2 packs of Calcium for you and your soulmate, you can save $15,49 by getting one for free. So, if you are taking vitamins regularly, you can even purchase in advance and save $31 or more.

    Other Options to Save

    Sometimes, you can have no clue about the options available by other parties. However, if you carefully think about the ways to get a significant discount, you can proceed to the following options:

    1) Use a Cashback Option
    Some banks offer cashback of up to 5% when shopping at pharmacies. For example, American Express offers 6% cashback on its blue card, while Wells Fargo gives 1,5% cashback on all purchases. Find out if there is such a cashback on your card: a part of the amount will be returned to the account in cash or bonuses (depending on the bank’s offer).


    2) Do a Joint Shopping
    If you have a big family, you can do a joint shopping. Make your shopping list in advance and ask your relatives or friends if they would like to join you. In this case, you can use the BOGO options or exchange the coupons to get a maximum profit of joint purchases. For example, you can purchase the above-mentioned vitamins with a 50% discount if you need the only package. Calculate your benefits and enjoy the profit.

    3) Look for Analogues
    Many drugs have cheap counterparts called generics. They are based on the same active substance but may differ in manufacturing techniques. If the drug seems expensive to you, then ask your doctor about the availability of an analog at a lower price. You can also consult a pharmacist at the store. However, please do not change the drugs recommended for you on your own, because it can be dangerous.

    In Conclusion

    As you know, the most expensive diseases are those that are badly examined. Timely examination and detection of problems will save you from unpredictable expenses. Carefully check if your insurance covers certain medicines: sometimes, up to 90% of treatment expenses may be covered by the insurer. Some companies have also trade unions that can provide financial assistance if you need any treatment. The conditions are different everywhere, so if you pay membership fees, find out what you can get from them.

    Now you know at least 6 ways how to save on shopping at Walgreens or even get something for free. So, do not hesitate to share your own ideas with us in the comments.

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