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How Can You Replace Your Air Purifier Filter?


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    A filter is the main component that is responsible for the effectiveness of your air purifier. It takes on most of the grunt work necessary to keep your device functioning well. Replacing the filter is mostly an easy task if you follow the proper steps and precautions. This guide will help you know when to replace your air purifier filter and how to do it.

    Identify Your Air Purifier

    There is a wide variety and availability of air purifiers on the market, such as TruSens, Blueair or IQAir, so it’s important to know first what kind of model you have. It will help you determine the appropriate steps in changing the filter. Some models allow for easy removal and replacement of the while others may only allow you to wash the filter already in place.

    It is also essential to find your copy of the manual that came with your air purifier. Most manuals will devote a section regarding the replacement and cleaning of the filters. If you’ve lost your physical copy, another option is to find an online version of the manual. Most manufacturers also put instructions regarding filters and replacements on their site.

    Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Filter

    Another vital aspect to keep in mind is knowing when you need to replace your air purifier filter. A bad sign is when the filter has turned into a dark or yellowish color from the original white. Knowing the date of when you last replaced your filter can also be helpful. Most air filters usually need to be replaced between three to six months, depending on their type.

    Replacing Your Air Filter

    Once you can ascertain the kind of air purifier you have and know that it is time to replace it, you can begin to replace your filter. The first step is to identify the kind of filter that should be replaced. Three of the most common filters are the HEPA Filter, the Carbon Filter, and the Washable Pre-Filter.

    The HEPA filter refers to filters that are capable of filtering particles as small as 0.03 microns. Meanwhile, the carbon filter serves the purpose of removing gaseous and toxic elements from the air. Lastly, the washable pre-filter is the primary defense line, which protects the HEPA filter and the washable pre-filter.

    Once you can identify the kind of filter you need, you can now purchase it. It’s recommended that you always buy from the manufacturer of your air purifier, so you know that the filter is compatible with your device. The method of replacing your air filter may depend on the model you have.

    Again, we recommend referring to your manual when it comes to removing and replacing your filters. Different models may need different steps during the removal and replacement process. However, there are some basic methods you can also apply.

    First, make sure to turn off your machine. Next, ensure that no children or pets are nearby as they may accidentally consume or play with the dirty filter. Lastly, make sure you have a plan on how to dispose of the dirty filter, which could be harmful to you and your family.


    Changing an air filter is not as intimidating as it seems. It’s an integral part of making sure your purifier works well. A dirty filter in your air purifier can be potentially harmful and reduce your device’s working life. With these helpful tips in mind, you won’t feel intimidated anymore about changing your air purifier filters.

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