Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves $14.99 (REG $34.99)

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Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves by Thirty48 | 15-20 OR 20-30 mmHg | Maximize Faster Recovery by Increasing Oxygen to Muscles is now available at for just $14.99 (REG $34.99) (As of 19 May 2019, 20:52 PST – Details) with $20.00 (57%) Savings.

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Size: Medium // 15.7 – 17 Inch Upper Calf | Color: [1 Pair] Grey

  • BEST FIT AND DURABILITY: Compression not constriction. Thirty48 has designed the optimal combination of firm compression to support ligaments and stabilize the Achilles. As well as light and moderate compression to increase bloodflow and recovery. Made with thin yet durable anti-bacterial, anti-odor nylon the sleeves are reinforced with seamless stitching and tear resistant lycra formula that are non-slip and will not fray, nor lose its elastic properties which can negatively performance.
  • BEST SLEEVES: Our high quality compression sleeves make a great addition to your workout gear for hiking, running, cycling, basketball, football, crossfit, weight lifting, and many other sports that force your blood to pump quickly. Thirty48 compression sleeves are available in 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg. Choose your compression based on performance and recovery needs.
  • NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES: Thirty48 compression sleeves will sooth your legs during air travel by improving blood circulation and by preventing blood clots. They are also great during pregnancy, for nurses, chefs or anyone who is on their feet for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, our sleeves can be used to treat, and to help with symptoms of shin splints, muscle cramps, tendonitis, varicose veins, metatarsalgia, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other conditions
  • MOISTURE WICKING TECHNOLOGY: Thirty48 compression sleeve are breathable, made with CatalystAF, a patent pending technology which allows increased airflow within the channels of the sleeve’s stitching. In combination with our COOLMAX fabric, be ready for an unparalleled feeling of cool, dry comfort that prevents any stickiness.
  • QUALITY WITH A GUARANTEE: You can purchase our compression sleeves with absolute confidence. We think that you will love our sleeves, but if you are not happy for any reason, you are covered for the first 90 days with our satisfaction guaranteed policy. Our top rated customer service is standing by to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves by Thirty48 | 15-20 OR 20-30 mmHg | Maximize Faster Recovery by Increasing Oxygen to Muscles

Thirty48 – Science + Technology

We strive to deliver the most advanced athletic sleeves you have ever experienced. Through extensive research and development, we create state-of-the-art, moisture wicking and synthetic blends for every environment. Our premium line of athletic sleeves allow your legs to breathe, provide support where needed, and contour to the shape of each specific calf for an experience like none other.

Great for All Occasions

The average person walks 3-5 miles a day during their job, which can be 5,000 to 10,000 steps. Many people endure aching legs and feet that ruin all motivation to exercise any further. By using our compression technology you can improve your recovery rate and prevent injuries that commonly occur during moderate to intense exercise.​



Graduated Compression Where it Counts

Enhances Blood Circulation: Compression dilates Arteries bringing oxygen-rich blood to muscles and increases velocity of veins removing deoxygenated blood.

Reduces Injury: By supporting the entire calf, impact vibrations from your stride are minimized, reducing the chance of injury. A great way to reduce Shin Splints, Aching Muscles, Pulled Muscles, Blisters, and DOMS and Post Workout Soreness.

Supports Ankle and Mid-sole: With an increase in pressure around the achilles and plantar ligaments, your muscles stabilize for peak performance.



Moisture Wicking and Breathable

Minimal Thickness, Maximum Durability
With precision stitching and blending techniques, Thirty48 Compression Sleeves achieve an unprecedented level of breathability and resilience.

Quality at The Core

We use only the best materials in designing our Running Sleeves. It’s what makes us confident that you will enjoy every minute of your run, exercise, work and errands that much more.

Moisture Wicking Pattern

Between the tracks that line the sleeves lie pockets of air that separate sweat from the body. Less sweat between you and your calf sleeves produces more stability and comfort.

Precision Quality and Longevity

Specific Leg Design For Maximum Sleeve Compression and Leg Performance

Thirty48 Compression Socks are designed to fit the contours and features of the left and right leg to strengthen muscle force and movement efficiency.

+ Check foot side and sleeve size along the inside of the top cuff. Performance, Specialized.


Stays Tight, Adventure after Adventure

A resilient blend of 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex combine for an essential athletic tool.

  • Stretches to support your unique contours.
  • Stays tight without choking circulation.
  • Unique, longlasting blend maintains strength without fraying.


Choose Your Strength

Our full compression socks are available in two compression levels with corresponding color variations.
For maximum support, our black and blue colors offer 20-30 MMHG
For a slightly less yet still firm experience, try any of our other colors that offer 15-22 MMHG.



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