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This is now over!!

I am so excited to tell you about our next giveaway!

Pouchee Purse Organizers has offered to give one of our readers one of their wonderful purse organizers!

How many purses or bags do you have that you love the look of, but just can’t find what you need when you need it?! The Pouchee ends all of this!

The Pouchee is an organizer to put in your purse or bag so you will never get lost in the abyss again! It has pockets for pens, sunglasses, phones, credit cards, keys, lipsticks and zippered pockets for personal items.

Changing purses has never been so easy. Just put your Pouchee in your other bag and you are all set!

Now, I have never claimed to be “in the know” when it comes to fashion. I pretty much do what is comfortable for me. But, let me tell you, I love the Pouchee just as it is. (I have the one pictured above) I don’t even put it in a purse or bag because it is so beautiful. The leather and stitch-work is flawless!

I try to be a minimalist when it comes to my purses because of my – well – lack of organization! The smaller the better for me. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have already received in the few days I have had mine.

I don’t miss anything from my old purse! And, like I said, I use it just by itself!

Pouchee is offering a coupon code for 10% off valid from mow until May 9th (Mother’s Day).

How to Enter (you can get 4 entries – 1 for each step):

1) Go to and let us know which organizer you would choose.
Sign up for our email updates (top of posts) orΒ RSS feed. (must confirm subscription to be eligible)
3) Become aΒ fan on Facebook
4) Invite 5 of your friends on Facebook to be fans of Mojo Savings. Let us know how many you invite! Use the Suggest Tab from the Mojo wall.

Leave us a separate comment for each step completed. Your comments will act as your entries. For example, if you completed each of the steps, leave us 4 different comments.

This giveaway will end on Thursday April 8 at 3:00 pm.. A winner will then be chosen using and contacted via email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If winner fails to do so, a new winner will be drawn.

  1. I love the idea of these things!!!!! i think i would stick with cotton though maybe go with the pink for the breast cancer awareness or i could pplay it safe and do black!!!

  2. I receive your exciting emails!!!!!!

  3. And a huge a fan on facebook!

  4. I’ve seen Pouchees before somewhere, and I really need one! I am a serious organizer, and I love pockets and dividers in every aspect of my life. πŸ™‚ My heart actually started beating faster when I saw the Outback Teal Pouchee. I’m highly impressed with the variety of colors available in their leather collection.

  5. I’m your fan on Facebook. Thanks for the extra entry.

  6. I love the Pouchee Plus collection in black.

  7. I subscribe to your email updates.

  8. I am a facebook fan.

  9. I just sent a suggestion to 35 of my Facebook friends to add your fan pg. I had already sent it to other friends, months ago. Thanks for the extra entry.

    Oh and it was “Outback Marine” that I want. When I first loaded the page, I couldn’t get it to load the name of the color, no matter what I did, even though it showed the name of all the other Pouchee Outback colors, so I guessed and called it teal.

  10. I would choose the Pouchee Plus Collection in Cocoa Bronze.

    Thank you,
    Teresa F.
    [email protected]

  11. I subscribe to your email updates.

    Teresa F.
    [email protected]

  12. I subscribe to RSS! =)

  13. I like the Teal Cotton one! =)

  14. I like the Moss Green Outback!

  15. I subscribe via RSS

  16. I am a fan on facebook!

  17. I would pick the outback in brown

  18. These would be a life saver for my purse, I love the green cotton one super cute

  19. I am a fan on facebook

  20. I have subscribed via my google reader homepage πŸ™‚

  21. I love the evening plum color!

  22. I’m an email subscriber

  23. I’m a FB fan!!

  24. I love the Moss Green Outback!

  25. I love the moss green outback!!

  26. I am an email subscriber!

  27. Really need one of these. I would choose the Teal Cotton Pouchee because that’s my favorite color.

  28. I receive your RSS feed.

  29. I am a Facebook fan.

  30. I would choose the Tan Outback Leatherette Pouchee πŸ™‚ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  31. Love the Aussie Red like you have. Love it!!!

  32. I like the leather Pouchee in Moss Green or either shade of pink!

  33. I love the tan leatherette, the pick sorbet and the breast cancer awareness bags. So cute and practical!!

  34. subscribe to your e-mails

  35. I love love love the Outback in Raspberry Sorbet! So cute!

  36. I subscribe to your emails!

  37. I am a facebook fan and love it!

  38. I like the brown leather pouchee

  39. like the cotton grass green

  40. facebook fan

  41. email suscriber

  42. email subscriber

  43. facebook fan

  44. Facebook fan πŸ™‚ Love the Aussie red.

  45. Love the Outback in Navy or Moss Green!

  46. I’m a FB fan!

  47. …and I follow you via GoogleReader!

  48. I like the brown Outback!

  49. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  50. I receive your RSS feed.

  51. I love the Pouchee Plus collection in black. It will go with everything!
    [email protected]

  52. I like the Pouchee Plus collection, with a strap.

  53. I am subscribed to your email ….and a devoted daily follower (I drop by everyday, no need for emails!) πŸ™‚

  54. I loved the PEWTER in pouchee plus section. Its a wonderful concept.

  55. I am subscriber of e-mail updates.

  56. I like the fudge brown cotton one, these are cute and not too expensive!

  57. I am an email subscriber.

  58. I would get the Grass Green Pouchee

  59. I’m a subscriber via google reader.

  60. I like the fudge brown one.

  61. I would choose the Outback Collection Pouchee in either brown or red

  62. I would choose the evening plum.
    It says that it is out of stock.
    I think I would pick brown 2nd.

  63. I’m an email subscriber

  64. I’m a Facebook fan

  65. I would pick the teal cotton one.

  66. I would like to win this for my mother-in-law, she desperately need this. I like the cotton pouchee in teal or pink.

  67. I’m a facebook fan.

  68. I subscribe to your e-mail updates.

  69. pouchee plus!!

  70. I love this product. I am torn between the cotton pouchee and the outback collection.

  71. I am an email subscriber.

  72. I love the Outback (any color) Pouchee organizer!

  73. Receive your great emails – great giveaway!

  74. ooh love them all. i am torn. but i like the outback in black or marine….

  75. i am a fb fan!

  76. The Outback in Tan!

  77. i subscribe to your feed

  78. Subscribe via RSS!

  79. A fan on Facebook!

  80. Invited 5 of my friends on Facebook to be fans of Mojo Savings!

  81. i love this!!! i would pick the Moss Green Outback Leatherette Pouchee. thanks for this giveaway! i really hope i win! πŸ˜‰

  82. i am an email subscriber!

  83. facebook fan. under bbhyreb(at)gmail(dot) com

  84. 5 friends of mine have been suggested to your site on facebook. if (when πŸ˜‰ ) i win, please make sure to send my email to my yahoo email, and not to the one that i’m logged into facebook on. thanks! πŸ˜‰

  85. I am a new fan on facebook

  86. I would choose the “outback” in moss green or plum.

  87. I would choose any of cotton pouchees

  88. Subscriber to your email updates.

  89. I would like the black leather pouchee. ( I subscribe via email)

  90. I am a fan on facebook and I suggested 6 friends to become a fan as well.(I would like the black leather pouchee).

  91. I visited the pouchee website and I would like the black leather pouchee

  92. I suggested 6 friends. (I would like the black leather pouchee).

  93. My favorite is the cotton in pink… So cute!

  94. I would choose the aussie red outback leatherette pouchee! I like all the pouchees though. The cotton ones would be nice because you could wash them.

  95. I suggested 6 friends on facebook!

  96. I love the Pouchee Plus Collection in Black

  97. i love the pink outback!

  98. I’m an email subscriber. Love the black leather pouchee.

  99. I am going to go for the raspberry sorbet because I love Prince–I know beret, but I used to always call it raspberry sorbet when I would sing along!~!

  100. I love the Evening plum Pouchee. Would love to think of myself as becoming organized. lol

  101. I’m a facebook fan!!!

  102. I like the moss green pouchee.

  103. Love, love, love the black outback (honestly any color – great product)!

  104. I would love to win the outback pouchee in plum πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)P

  105. i am a fan

  106. i like tan!

  107. i am an email subscriber

  108. I like the evening plum Outback Pouchee, it would match my purse perfectly!

  109. I am an email subscriber.

  110. Evening plum outback pouch, i would so love to have it!

  111. I subscribe to your newsletter and love it.

  112. I like the Pewter Pouchee Plus, unless it’s real leather, than I would get a pink cotton one!

  113. I’m an e-mail subscriber!

  114. I’m a Mojo Savings Fan on Facebook!

  115. I am a fan of Mojosavings on Facebook.

  116. I love raspberry sorbet!

  117. I subscribe to emails.

  118. I would choose the Pewter Pouchee Plus

  119. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  120. I subscribe to emails.

  121. I am a facebook fan.

  122. The Daddy is very cute. Would love to win this.

  123. Fb fan of MOJO Savings

  124. email subscriber

  125. my choice would be Pouchee Plus Collection / Cocoa Bronze
    thank you for the chance

  126. I like the Outback – Evening Plum.

  127. I became a Facebook fan!

  128. I love the teal or the breast cancer edition!

  129. Love the teal cotton one. They are all so cute and I could really use one! πŸ™‚ Thanks

  130. I am a facebook fan!

  131. I like the Black Pouchee Plus. How nice to have a mini purse within a purse for those times you just need a little something.

  132. I’m an email subscriber.

  133. I like the Gold Pouchee Plus

  134. I subscribe via RSS

  135. I’m an email subscriber

  136. I’m your FB fan (trung nguyen)

  137. I just became a fan on Facebook. I like the tan leatherette one!

  138. I would choose the tan leatherette one.

  139. I became a fan on FB.

  140. I invited 12 people to become fans, too.

  141. I signed up through e-mail to receive updates.

  142. I like the Raspberry Sorbet leather pouchee.

  143. I signed up for email updates. I like the Raspberry Sorbet leather pouchee.

  144. I receive your emails already! Hope I win!

  145. I also am a fan on facebook….thanks for everything!!

  146. I’m a Facebook Follower.

  147. I am a facebook fan!

  148. I like the Aussie Red.

  149. email subscriber

  150. I would love to win the Evening Plum Outback Pouchee.

  151. I subscribe to the RSS feeds.

  152. I’m a facebook fan!! πŸ™‚

  153. I like the brown outback pouchee! These are great!
    [email protected]

  154. I love the Aussie Red one..

  155. I’ve been receiving your emai updates…

  156. I’m your facebook fan!

  157. I like the outback Tan. I’m a facebook fan and receive emails. My birthday is Sunday and it would be a great useful gift.

  158. I am a Facebook fan!

  159. I would love to have the black pouchee organzer!

  160. I am subscribe to your daily e-mails!

  161. I invited 20 friends!!!!

  162. I think I would go with the Brown Outback Leatherette Pouchee Purse Organizer. It’s a great neutral color, and would be perfect to just slip into another bag of any color!

  163. I subscribe to e-mail updates.

  164. I’m a facebook fan.

  165. I like the Evening Plum Outback Pouchee.

  166. I subscribe via “myyahoo”.

  167. I’m a facebook fan! πŸ™‚

  168. I just sent referrals to about a dozen friends. I tell people about your site all the time, and even forward your e-mail updates to people so they can see what it’s like.

  169. This is a very hard decision! I guess either the Aussie Red, Black, or Tan Outback, or the Khaki Cotton… but I like them all! πŸ™‚

  170. I am already a fan! I like the Pouchee Plus in Cocoa Bronze.
    I invited 10 friends and also subscribed to your e-mail updates. Thanks!

  171. I’m an email subscriber Pouchee Plus collection in black

  172. I like the teal cotton or the black pouchee plus

    [email protected]

  173. This is a great idea. I would pick the brown outback one. Thanks.

  174. I receive daily e mail updates.

  175. I am a facebook fan. Love your site.

  176. I’m a HUGE Facebook Fan

  177. I’d love to win the Pouchee Plus in Cocoa Bronze Really Cool Purse!!

  178. I am signed up for email updates!! Thanks for the extra chances to win, You’re awesome!

  179. I like the Pouchee Plus collection in black.

  180. I follow you on FB!

  181. I would choose black Outback pouchee. Thanks!

  182. Email subcriber!

  183. FB follower

  184. Suggest to 8 friends on FB

  185. Man they are too cute, think I want teal or purple cotton too! So neat and so much quicker.

  186. I love the brown outback so much. I’d love to have one.

  187. I like the pink leatherette pouchee

  188. I am a facebook fan!

  189. I invited 5 friends from facebook to become fans of Mojo

  190. I am a facebook fan and love all the deals!!!!

  191. I really like the Aussie Red.

  192. I am a fan on facebook!

  193. I’m a fan on facebook!

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