Getting Started eBook: Organizing Your Coupons

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Part 3: Organizing Your Coupons


The key to organizing your coupons is finding a system that works for you. There is no right or wrong way to set your coupons so play around with the different styles until you find what is comfortable for you.

I have to confess, I am organized-challenged! Big time. I can start something off organized and then half way through, its a mess again!

Even with this impediment, I have found a way that works for me. So, I know you can too!

The most common method is the Binder method. Take a 3-4 inch binder and fill it with baseball card inserts. These small, individual pockets will hold your coupons very neatly. Section off your coupons with dividers for your categories. Some of the categories I have are Dairy, Laundry, Hair Care, Deodorant… you get the picture.

If you don’t like to have to put all your coupons in individual pockets, you can try a small photo album. When I started off, I used a 5×7 photo album and put all my ‘like’ coupons in a pocket. I wrote the name of the category on an address label and stuck it right on the page. This worked well for me.


There are fancy binders that you can get that look like stylish Totes so you won’t be embarrassed heading into the store. Check them out at Coupon Clutch.


My current method is using a small box with dividers and a small folder. I find filing my coupons to be a lot quicker and easier when I just have to flip the dividers. I take the coupons I need and I put them in the small folder and take that to the store with me. You can see these types of organizers at My Coupon Keeper.

There is another coupon organizing style called the Insert Method. This method involves filing your whole inserts by date in a box or tote of some sort. Write the date large on the front cover so it is easily seen. When you make your list to go shopping, you will see the coupons in the deals listed by what insert they came from. Just go to that insert and clip your coupon!

The Insert Method is by far the easiest as far as organizing, but really didn’t work for me since a lot of my shopping trips are last minute. I didn’t have the time to cut the coupons before I went.

There are so many variations of these methods. Play around with them and find what works for you.

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