Gemmy Twerking Christmas Bear Bluetooth Plush Compatible with Alexa $9.99 (REG $39.99)


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    Gemmy Twerking Christmas Bear Bluetooth Plush Compatible with Alexa is now available at for just $9.99 (REG $39.99) (As of 09 December 2019, 11:51 PST – Details) with $30.00 (75%)Savings. 

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    • Christmas just got a lot more entertaining! Introducing Twerking Christmas Bear, an animated plush that lip-syncs with Alexa spoken responses and reacts to timers, alarms, reminders and notifications.
    • Pair Twerking Christmas Bear to a compatible Echo device to unlock its features.
    • When connected with Alexa, Twerking Christmas Bear dances along to music played through Amazon Music. It doesn’t move its mouth to these songs because this Christmas bear is focused on twerking! (Does not dance or move along with any music service other than Amazon Music.)


    • Additionally, Twerking Christmas Bear perks up when you say the word “Alexa.”
    • It will also move its mouth to lip-sync along with Alexa responses such as weather, random facts and other information. Twerking Christmas Bear does not lip-sync to Amazon Music while dancing.
    • When connected with Alexa, all music and sound come from the paired Echo device, not from Twerking Christmas Bear.
    • Twerking Christmas Bear twerks when an Alexa timer, alarm, reminder or notification event is triggered.
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